Monday, December 3, 2007


Today I have the attention span of a...see it's so short I can't even focus long enough to think of what animal/object I have an attention span like.

So I was going to jump on the ban wagon and write a blog about our family beliefs on Santa, but I can't focus on that today.

Also I was going to post a picture of the tree in our front yard, but I keep forgetting to load it on the computer. So hopefully I can do that tomorrow. It is a gorgeous flaming red and orange color. Living in the city most of my life, I haven't gotten to enjoy many trees with the colors of fall. It's also a fairly rare sight in Texas. By the time you notice any with such gorgeous colors, they only last about two days before all the leaves fall off. These colors are the reason fall is my favorite time of year. They are so short in lasting, they are a true treat.

OK so the attention pan is going I should go.