Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome Baby Alex!

Well due to the early arrival of my friend's baby, it will be a while before I am able to show you the things I made. Little Alexander made a quick and early arrival into the world last night. Approx. 2 hours after mama's water broke he was here! Amazed at the speed for a first born. So obviously we will not be having a shower this weekend. But I think it is for an amazing reason!!!!

This picture was stolen from his Auntie. I am looking forward to meeting him soon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What a Sewing Machine Can Really Do!

Maybe I mentioned it before, and if I did sorry but I will again. Back in February my wonderful husband and kids got me a new sewing machine for Valentine's Day. I had shown him a new one I wanted a few weeks before. He remembered and went back to get it. I had shown him the mid range model, but he couldn't remember. So after a long talk with one of the sales ladies. He got me the top model of the one I showed him. I was ecstatic! I bragged at work about it, but only one person was mildly impressed. Everyone else said they would have thrown it back at their companion had they gotten one. Still I stayed super happy.

Sadly I have stayed so busy that it has not been touched till now. I have got to get baby shower gifts to make. I had been so good I had these gifts planned out months ago, but here I am with less than a week to go just starting the cutting of the fabric. So over the weekend I pulled out and watched the instructional DVD for the machine. Good thing, learned stuff I never would have guessed. And was blown away at all the things I will now be able to do/learn on this new machine!

This last Wednesday, my SIL called asking about my old machine. A couple months ago I had offered it to one of my nieces after seeing some decorating she had done in her room. She passed on the offer, but mentioned it to my SIL. She called to ask if it was still available to be borrowed. I told her no it was available to be had. So I happily ran out to the garage to get it out to send back with my BIL who was making a quick couple hour trip into town. I had stored it in the box my new machine came in. As I got inside I quickly learned the bottom of the box was not taped for support. The machine fell out landing on my foot that only had a flip flop on. Not a comfortable occurrence but I was upset to think I broke the machine before I could get it to my SIL. Thankfully the machine was ok. My foot was hurting badly though so my oldest helped to get an ice pack on it quickly. I figured this would work quickly to cure the problem Unfortunately my foot developed an egg on the top of it a couple hours later. So off to the ER with the Hubby and youngest daughter. I had already given permission for my oldest to have a friend spend the night, so we decided not to bore them at the hospital.

So at about 1am I was released with a new icepack, a prescription for pain meds, crutches, and a special shoe. Thankfully it was not broken, just badly bruised. I had to call into work for the next 3 days. I then have 3 days off and only work 3 days before 3 more off. Hopefully by the time Wed gets here I will be good enough to go back to work. Hate missing so much. But do to all the extra I do at work and it thankfully being the slow time of year, my boss is not upset. So fingers crossed for it to quickly heal by 2:30 pm Wednesday.

A few pictures of my machines work:

At the hospital couple hours after it happened

Three days after it happened

Today the swelling is mostly gone, and I can walk at a much more companion friendly pace.

After the baby shower this weekend I will post pictures of what the new machine can do. Now back to my cutting so I can get to using it!