Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Flash

When we moved to the house, we made the cats indoor/outdoor cats. They had a door and could freely come and go as they please. No more litter box for me!!! We checked with some of our neighbors (the ones who the cats would most likely come to their yards and visit) if they were ok with that, and the all said yes.
Well a couple months ago, the ones across the street came and complained about them. I was a little upset first due to their choice of words, and due to the fact that to this day I don't really think their problem was my cats because they were describing things being done that I've never seen mine do. There are some strays around very similar to mine that I think are the problems. Anyway...we worked with them and found a solution to the problem. Looking back now I appreciate them coming to us.
Someone else in the neighborhood wasn't so kind (not sure who, but I have a good idea, cause not many know we have cats). These people called in to the city about our cats freely running around. We got a notice in the mail and were informed if there are anymore complaints we would start getting ticketed. So we made the cats indoor cats again (had the people come to us, this would have been the result then too, it upsets me though that they were brave enough to come to us with their problem so we could find a solution together).
Well Flash wasn't adjusting to it well. He's an independent cat and loves his outdoors. When he has them he is very sweet and relaxed as seen in the pictures I posted in the past of him on the chair. But since we had to lock them back in the house, he's developed a temper.
Yesterday he snuck out on me, and when I got a hold of him to take him back in he was sweet at first, but when he discovered I was taking him inside he attacked me. I obviously can't have that happening to me or anyone else. So I quickly made the sad decision to send him to my Aunt and Uncle. They were wanting an outdoor cat. They live outside of Burleson and want a cat to chase rats out of their fields. So there I knew he would be in heaven because he would be completely free to be outside.So I went ahead and took him yesterday afternoon (had to do it quick before I got upset and changed my mind), and when I let him out I could see he was in his own little heaven. I tried to pet him before I left, but he would only come to my aunt. I know he thought I might load him up and take him from his oasis.
So, once again I've made the hard decision to let a pet go, but I truly believe it was the right thing to do. Of course the two pets we've had to give would be the only two I got to name!
Flash- you are loved very, very much. And missed just as much. But I know you are happier in your new home, and we will see you often!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I'm excited about a few things:
  1. Last night we closed on refinancing the house. We got lower payments and a lower interest rate.
  2. It's finally seeming like we are on the way down from the mountain we have been climbing for what will be a year on March 29. I've thought this before, so I'm trying not to get too excited, but it truly is looking that way!
  3. This Sunday is mine and Larry's 5th wedding anniversary. We were married on a Sunday, so I think it's extra special when it falls on the same day of the week. Our third anniversary was the only one so far that we were able to really enjoy and celebrate. On our 1st, I was on crutches with a cracked ankle. On our 2nd, I was trying to move us out of our apartment on my own because Larry was working in East TX at the time. The only reason I was able to see him at all on that day was due to him having a job interview back in Ft. Worth. Our 3rd, we went out to dinner. And on our 4th, I was in a wreck the day before and in a lot of pain. So I am super excited about this one. I didn't think we would get to do much of anything due to that mountain, but like I said we are on the way down. The plan for this anniversary is to celebrate on Saturday and Sunday. Larry now works in downtown Dallas, and has to work on Saturday. He has planned a night out though downtown. He has set up for the kid or kids (depending on if Haylee comes this weekend or not) to be watched for most of the day so I can have some relaxing alone time. Then, I am going to go to his work in the evening with a change of clothes for him. He has been working with the Concierge of the apartments to figure out some places for us to go, so we will spend the evening in downtown Dallas. Nothing too fancy, but a night of fun and surprises. It may just be dinner in one of the restaurants in one of his apartment buildings, but still I am getting very excited about it. Then on Sunday I plan to take all of us on a picnic (as long as the weather is nice), for us all to celebrate. I also said promise vows to the girls during the wedding, so it's actually all of ours anniversary, and not just mine and Larry's. So I like spending it with a night for the couple and a day for the family.

Ok time to try to control my excitement and get started on the laundry. Have a great day all!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Breaks for all

March 10-14 was Haylee and Hayden's Spring Break, and they spent the week with us. Since Holly was still in school, we didn't really do much, but they seemed to have a good time at the house enjoying the nice weather and backyard and just relaxing with no worries other than clean up any mess you make.

The next week, March 17-21, was Holly's. She spent the week in Austin with her mom, stepdad, and siblings. That left me with my own "Spring Break". I made big plans for myself for the week. Haircut, meeting up with a few friends different days for lunch or coffee, going out to Larry's job for lunch with him in Dallas, washing and detailing the van, mowing the lawn and organizing a couple of areas of the house. With the severe threat of rain Monday and then actually raining so much on Tuesday that I was sinking into the yard Wed morning while getting the paper, I threw out the idea of mowing the lawn and washing the van. These were my plans for Mon and Tues, so it kind of turned my week totally around. I decided to throw out all major chore plans and just take a much deserved resting week.

Monday I did go to get my hair cut. I was planning on taking off about 1 1/2" making this about the last short haircut I would have to get for my hair that was shaved to catch up.

Here is a picture of how much has grown (pre-haircut).

And this is how the scar is healing.

I guess I did a poor job describing the hair cut, because it is NOTHING like I wanted, and is about 4" shorter than planned. When I finally figured out she was doing it wrong, it was too late to stop her, so I just let it go. She was a super sweet girl and really tried, so I didn't want to get her in trouble.

I ran a few errands afterwards and then went home to take a shower. After taking my shower and drying it, I discovered that the left side came to my lip and the right to my chin. I had been super emotional lately, and seeing this had the waterworks flowing. I started calling anyone to see if they had a good stylest close that I could go to to get something done. And I called Larry just bawling over what had happened.

I finally got through to the hair salon to let them know what happened, so they told me to come in and someone else would fix it. (I didn't see how anyone could "fix" it). So they did even it up more (my mother-in-law is the one who did the true evening up for me this weekend). I told them the girl was super nice, but made a major mess up. They apologized heavily, and gave me some expensive vitamins that are suppose to help your hair grow. Now if I can only remember to take them EVERY day.

I did get to meet with 2 out of the 4 friends I planned to hang out with. Larry and I cancelled our lunch due to his being super busy and it not being worth the 60 mile drive to just rush to taco bell or some other fast food joint so he could get back to work.

Thursday I got a couple of surprises. The first was a letter in the mail from the city stating someone had complained about our cats being inside/outside cats. I understand if someone has a problem and am happy to work with them to fix it. Some neighbors had a problem with them and came to us about it. What upset me is they went to the city instead of talking to us (and I'm pretty sure I know who did it, and I had asked them before if they were ok with my cats being outside and they said yes. I don't blame them if they change their mind due to something the cats did, just tell me!). Had they come to us, I would have made them indoor cats again just like now since that would make the second set of neighbors complaining about our cats, and I can't afford to buy a $65 kitty alarm for everyone. So now my poor kitties are trapped inside right when the weather is turning nice. They sure aren't happy about it either! And I think it's a stray that's actually causing all the problems. He's yellow like one of mine, so they just assume he's ours.

I became aware of my second surprise by a phone call. When I went to Walmart to get a new litter box for the cats, I accidentally left my phone in the car. When I checked it, it said I had a voice mail from a number I didn't know. It was a man saying he left a flower delievery on my porch. So I rushed home trying to figure out this mystery. I hadn't ordered any flowers for planting, and it was still more than a week till my wedding anniversary. So why am I getting flowers?! By the time I was almost home, I had convinced myself it was a wrong number. But no! When I pulled up this was sitting on my porch.

The fabulous Charisse had sent me a "strawberry margarita" to help me feel better about my hair disaster. It's a huge, gorgeous bouquet in a giant Margarita glass with plastic strawberries all in it. It doesn't have water. It has these jell crystals that keep it moist and work better than water. Yesterday was the first signs of wilting, and a lot of it is still going strong. We had some stuff like this in the Christmas tree and they were awesome. I love how these ones are pink though and give it even more of a strawberry margarita look!

So basically, my break rushed by, and now it's back to normal life, with is a bit relaxing itself.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Caught least for now

So I finally have a little time. This week has been Haylee and Hayden's Spring Break, so they have been here. So after I have sent Holly off to school this week, I have joined my other two children in being lazy, and gone back to bed every morning. This morning I was determined not to do that no matter how tempting it was. Next week is Holly's Spring Break, so she will go back to Austin with the other two and spend the week at her mom's. So I will enjoy sleeping later next week myself. (I just re-read all that and noticed I have a thing for using "so" this morning. Hope that doesn't get to annoying.)

OK finally-my fun night at the ladies night at Kristi's church. It was a super fun evening with all kinds of activities just for ladies. Some activities were free, and others had a super cheap fee since you we getting services or bringing home a cute craft of pampering item. Some of the activities we did was jewelry making, cookie decorating (and mine actually turned out kind of cute, and I loved Kristi's. I didn't think to take a picture of them), bath salt making, and many more. This also all took place in "the village", the new lobby area to the new parts of the church they opened. This area has a little cafe where they served snacks and coffee. I'm not a huge coffee fan, but do stop at Starbucks for the occasional chocolate coffee treat. So we decided to try there double (or was it triple) coffee frapacino. And we both agreed it was 10x's better than what you get at Starbucks. Just thinking about it has me craving one. We didn't plan to stay long, especially since that was one of the nights during our cell phone drama leaving me with no phone. Larry went that night though and got it taken care of and had the phones turned back on. This allowed me to relax and enjoy the evening more, and the next thing we knew is it was after 10pm. Needless to say, we greatly enjoyed ourselves and some time just getting to hang out together. Something that was long over due and is due again!

A weekend or two after that Holly went to her mom's and Haylee and Hayden came here. We introduced Hayden to geo-caching (the girls have done it with us before). It had been quite a while since we had done it, and had fun doing it again since that was a nice weekend. I'm hoping we can start doing it some more now that the weather is looking nice.

Last week my wonderful best friend, Charisse, and her daughter Lorelli were in town. I know that week didn't go anything like she planned (see her blog), but we did get to spend a lot of time relaxing (something she usually doesn't do even though she needs to on her vacations out here), and talking. And as usual, Lorelli was the star of the house. Larry misses having little ones, and she seems to have figured this out, 'cause she would go find him to do whatever chore she was told to do and to get something that her mommy may have told her no to. Of coarse we always obey the mommy's rules, but he sure did enjoy the cuddle time she gave him as did I.

Last Saturday Charisse set up dinner at Mexican Inn for old friends from High School she hadn't seen in a number of years. I think everyone who came really enjoyed themselves.

Here is a pic of me, Charisse, and Lori from that night. Hard to believe, but it's been 10 yrs since the 3 of us took a pic like this together!!

And here is Lorelli posing for a pic at Mexican Inn.

I think that just about catches me up for now. Lets keep our fingers crossed I don't fall that far behind again!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Charisse says I was teasing y'all when I said I would play catch up soon, cause here it is close to a month later, and I haven't done it yet.
I promise I will, just sooo much has been happening that I have put this low on my priorities...sorry!!!
Hope you are all doing well, and I will be back on soon!