Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Flash

When we moved to the house, we made the cats indoor/outdoor cats. They had a door and could freely come and go as they please. No more litter box for me!!! We checked with some of our neighbors (the ones who the cats would most likely come to their yards and visit) if they were ok with that, and the all said yes.
Well a couple months ago, the ones across the street came and complained about them. I was a little upset first due to their choice of words, and due to the fact that to this day I don't really think their problem was my cats because they were describing things being done that I've never seen mine do. There are some strays around very similar to mine that I think are the problems. Anyway...we worked with them and found a solution to the problem. Looking back now I appreciate them coming to us.
Someone else in the neighborhood wasn't so kind (not sure who, but I have a good idea, cause not many know we have cats). These people called in to the city about our cats freely running around. We got a notice in the mail and were informed if there are anymore complaints we would start getting ticketed. So we made the cats indoor cats again (had the people come to us, this would have been the result then too, it upsets me though that they were brave enough to come to us with their problem so we could find a solution together).
Well Flash wasn't adjusting to it well. He's an independent cat and loves his outdoors. When he has them he is very sweet and relaxed as seen in the pictures I posted in the past of him on the chair. But since we had to lock them back in the house, he's developed a temper.
Yesterday he snuck out on me, and when I got a hold of him to take him back in he was sweet at first, but when he discovered I was taking him inside he attacked me. I obviously can't have that happening to me or anyone else. So I quickly made the sad decision to send him to my Aunt and Uncle. They were wanting an outdoor cat. They live outside of Burleson and want a cat to chase rats out of their fields. So there I knew he would be in heaven because he would be completely free to be outside.So I went ahead and took him yesterday afternoon (had to do it quick before I got upset and changed my mind), and when I let him out I could see he was in his own little heaven. I tried to pet him before I left, but he would only come to my aunt. I know he thought I might load him up and take him from his oasis.
So, once again I've made the hard decision to let a pet go, but I truly believe it was the right thing to do. Of course the two pets we've had to give would be the only two I got to name!
Flash- you are loved very, very much. And missed just as much. But I know you are happier in your new home, and we will see you often!

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