Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Suggestions for getting out of a rut greatly appreciated

This morning I am getting ready to have lunch with a very close friend at one of our old hang outs from back before either of us was married with kids. It's just a simple steakhouse that we could actually take our family to, and I have been there a couple times with my husband. But it's just a tradition for the two of us to go on our own. There were many meals shared their by two single girls admiring the cute waiters and talking about personal (aka private) girly things.
So in honor of this I am spending a little extra time doing my hair and makeup. Doing this has brought up a thought that I think about often, but never do anything about.
I have never been one to keep my looks of great importance. I have never had high self esteem when it came to my looks, so I never put much effort into it unless I was doing something special. Now with being a stay at home mom, I have fallen into this even more. I can't seem to justify doing my hair and makeup to basically stay home or just for running to Walmart/Target or the library. I then end up not doing much for going anywhere and often feel inadequate compaired to the other women out and about. When I do choose to fix myself up some, my husband comments on it. His heart is in the right place because he says he prefers me without the makeup. I don't over do it, and never have the desire to put on much. But I do think a little helps to brighten my face (lets face it, I don't have that perfect, even complexion from youth). But when I hear these comments, I feel like I'm trying to put on a show and shouldn't do that. Which has me falling back into my norm. I think this also leads to me not putting in the effort I need to to get back in shape and have to body shape I desire. I just can't get inspired to get into the routine.
So my question is for my stay at home mom readers. What are your thoughts? What do you do? Do any of you have this same problem or feel the same way? Do you have any suggestions on what I can do or another way to look at things? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Early and Late

Well, Friday felt like an early mini-Thanksgiving for me. Cooking wise anyway. Larry had been having some tooth pain as of late, so on Thurs he went in to the dentist. They ended up doing a partial deep cleaning and pulled two of his three remaining wisdom teeth. He was at the office for 7 hrs, and in the chair for 5 hrs!! With one of the teeth came some bone!! Just the idea of that makes my mouth cower in fear!! He called me when he got out trying to speak, but his meds had him soooo out of it. I told him I could come get him, but even on so much pain killers he was thinking of my safety and said that I would have to drive through a not so safe area to get there so he would meet me at his work and I could pick him up there (thankfully it was very close to his job). I hurried out to the van to take off to face the horrible trek throw Dallas' rush hour traffic. But Larry's fabulous property manager called to tell me not to come. She lives fairly close and she would drive him this way and we could just meet at the Costco about 5 miles from the house. I couldn't thank her enough, this gave me the chance to run to Target and pick up his prescriptions and some food I thought he could eat (or should I say just swallow). So that night he wasn't able to fall asleep till about 8am Friday morning. I called his work to let them know he'd would go ahead and stay home. When he did wake up, poor thing had chills and body aches along with all the pain in his mouth. So after the call I ran to the store to get some things to cook for him. I ended up getting a rotisserie chicken from the deli, and cooked stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin bread (I'd been craving that for the past couple of weeks).
And now for the late part...I tried to be good and get a jump on Holly's Vampire costume this year. She decided her sister's witch dress from last year would work and all she needed was a cape. So a few weeks ago we went up to Joann's and I let her pick out some fabric for it (a bright red satin like fabric with skull and bones covering it). So that was the good jump right on it and get it done part of me. The not so fabulous procrastinator took over after that, and now I'm just now sitting down to sew it. Biggest problem is the fabric is so slippery, I can't get it to stay still while I try to iron it to sew the hem much less anything else. So I think I will give up trying to sew it neatly and will just cut it into the shape we need. Hopefully it will still look ok. I don't think it will unravel, the fabric seems to be a fairly good one for resisting that.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


is a true gift from God!! I know 'cause I have it running through me right now. I believe it is God's compassion because every other fiber in me feels like I should be a little kid with my hands up going "neener neener neener!!!"

Some one I know is facing a difficult time right now. It is something that I have been facing for 4 yrs. This person has made some really hurtful and unkind comments about the path I have taken in life. And to this day I don't understand why they have said or felt these things. In no way have these choices harmed anyone including myself. They have been choices that have only brought more love and care to some people who are now very close to me.

I will be honest, I have been sitting here (well doing chores too) running through my feelings trying to find that feeling of "HA!! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" but I truly don't have them and only wish to send prayers of comfort to them and hopes that they turn there tough times to God and trust in His plan. That is how I get through, and it is the only way!

And even though these comments have brought tears and hurt to me, I still have compassion for this person and what they are going through. I wish these problems on NO ONE!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A few pictures

Thought I would post a few pics to be enjoyed.

This is a pic. from the backyard looking across the street on one of the really, really foggy days the other week. There is suppose to be a high school, parking lot, and football stadium for you to see. So you can tell it truely was a foggy day.

This is my birthday cake. Larry and Holly had a little too much fun with the icing.

The school district Holly attends has a uniform dress code, but this week is red ribbion week . And yesterday was crazy sock day, so Holly borrowed a pair of my toe socks .

Larry's work has a company party today. Each property had to create a table center piece from thing found in the office. Larry created the one for his property. I am more than impressed with his creativeness!! (this is only one side. He made it where it had two fronts and no back.)

And this is Larry in his Greek god costume created by a coworker for the company party.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hard to believe as of 5:30 this morning that is my age. This is one age that really hit me as older. 25 didn't do it for me, 26 did and now so is this one.
This birthday is a lot more special to me with all that has happened. Even though my day is busy with normal errands, it still is a huge mile stone. I think every one will be from now on. Since I now know how close I was to not having anymore. If the tumor had bled out much more before they caught it, I wouldn't be around. And as I look at my daughters and continue to yearn for a child that I get the chance to carry and not have in the middle of all the fights that go on with the girls mom, the idea of not being here is one I'm more than thankful that I don't have to face, at least not due to a tumor.
Anyway...most of my celebrating was this weekend. Haylee is currently living with their mother (she is expect her 5th child and Haylee wants to be a part of it), so she was down this weekend. We did various family things. What was the most fun is they were family things I picked for us to do. Nothing real big, just hung out in some places we use to go to a lot but haven't gotten to with the last couple of moves. And just really enjoyed each other's company.
This afternoon when Holly gets home from school, we are going to run up to Michael's to get a couple birthday gifts I planned to buy myself ;) and some stuff to decorate my cake. Then we'll come home and bake.
I'm off now to go get my glasses fixed (my latest prescription has some glare problems that need to be buffed out).
Hope you all enjoy your day and to anyone stopping in to read...God Bless!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

recipe exchange

You've been invited to be a part of a recipe exchange.

1. Lori Rodriguez lori.a.rodriguez@gmail.com
2. Toby Etheridge smileywmn@aol.com

Please send a recipe to the person whose name is listed in the number1 position above (even if you don't know them) and it shouldpreferably be something quick, easy and without rare ingredients.Actually, the best one is one you know in your head and can type outand send right now. Then, copy this letter into a new e-mail, move myname to the number 1 position and put your name in the number 2position. Only my and your name should show when you send your e-mail.Send to 10-20 friends. If you cannot do this within 5 days, let meknow so it will be fair to those participating. You should receive anice collection of recipes.It's fun to see where they come from!! Seldom does anyone drop outbecause we can all use new recipes. The turn around is fast becauseonly 2 names are on the list. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What people will try!!

I have for as long as I can remember, wanted an English Bulldog.

I think their faces are the cutest thing. Turns out Larry has always wanted one too.
We recently decided to start searching a little more seriously into getting one.
We started with the paper, but as normal their price ranges from $1500-$2500. And since we are just wanting a family pet, I can't see spending that much on one. We found a rescue shelter for bulldogs, and they had one that would be absolutely perfect for our family for only $400. I still felt this to be a bit much, but was considering it. Especially since once again it would be a rescued dog. (all of our pets are rescued) But while we were considering the idea of it, he was adopted. :(
Larry then started hunting through the papers classified ads online. We found one that said free puppies, only pay shipping. So we started communicating knowing there was the possibility of it being a scam. To make a long story short, turns out it was a scam. Thankfully we went in with our heads and not our hearts, 'cause they posted pictures of two girl puppies that you would have to have absolutely no heart to not fall in love with them.
I just hate to think of those people they do scam and get money out of, 'cause it's kind, trusting people who are only wanting a new family member to love that they end up hurting and stealing from.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time to get back to it!

Things are getting busy at school for Holly, but I am trying to settle back into a routine now that all I have to do as a result of the surgery is some PT. And I need to make my blogging one of them and not just stop and read other ones.

My hair is growing back so quickly from the surgery. It will be 3 months on the 25th, and I already have over an inch grown in!! My hair normally never grows this fast.

My scar is also starting to smooth out more. It's not something that bothers me though. You can't tell it goes up to almost the top of my head. You only see what's on my neck, and all of it is easily hidden by the rest of my hair. I think of it as more of a badge of honor. It shows what a miracle God has given me, and it is a sign that I will live a longer, fuller life. It wasn't cancerous, but it was bleeding out in the past. When he got in there he discovered it had bled more than what he could see in the MRI/MRA and angiagram. More proof it was a good thing it came out.
The surgery really has changed my view of life. Larry and I have both learned to worry a LOT less, and as a reward God is taking even better care of us.

  • He gave us this wonderful house a week after the surgery.

  • He had the tumor found while we had insurance that is paying for all but $100 of the over $200,000 it cost for the surgery, hospital stay and tests.

  • Shortly after we moved we found out the company Larry works for is moving out of Texas within the next few months, and the property that Larry works at is going up for sale 12/1. Well we haven't really started heavily on the job hunting, but he already has an offer he is taking that is better than the job he is at now (and we didn't think it was possible for him to get a better one without already being with a company for at least a year)

So it's just all proof of the wonderful miracles God has performed since we are finally learning to let Him do the hard stuff!

This is a week after the surgery right after they took the first set of stitches out (my neck didn't heal well, so they had to go in and close it again a week after they took them out.)

This one is about a month and a half after the surgery, so it's a little old, but it gives you an idea of how quickly it is healing. I'll get Larry to take an updated one soon.

All of this has made me much more aware of brain cancer. I obviously didn't have it, but this was all still a huge scare and makes me want to be more aware of it and finding a cure for it. And I want others to be more aware of it.

October is Breast cancer awareness month (another one that is close to my heart). And we all know that pink is the color that represents that. But do you know the color for brain cancer awareness? Grey. I encourage anyone reading to please join me in learning and supporting the search for a cure for brain cancer too!

So to anyone stopping in to read...God Bless!