Friday, March 23, 2007

A few pictures

Feeling down right now about things going on and other things that aren't going on, so I don't really feel like writing anything, but I did want to finally get some of the pics that I have loaded so far to the computer up on here.

Our Family

My greatest loves!
Haylee jumpin' in the snow
Holly in my sweater on the ride home at 2am
Holly the cave hunter

Haylee the rock climber
I'll post more when I get them loaded. Have a great weekend! And to anyone stopping in to read/look...God Bless!

Friday, March 2, 2007

This isn't getting ready

for vacation that is. We leave tomorrow for New Mexico for the next few days, and I'm suppose to be doing all my last minute stuff. I'm actually going nutty since we had to make a last minute trip last night to East TX and back to deliver my husband's truck he sold. That took away all that time and then taking him in to work lost a lot of time this morning, but I wanted to take a minute to write. To add to my list of things that weren't able to be done earlier this week due to emergencies, I have sick fish! The fish are in our brand new 55 gallon tank. We have a few new ones we bought, but mostly it has ones from a smaller tank we have. I noticed a few days ago a couple of my fish had what looked like little bubbles stuck to them, but that was what I thought it was, air bubbles. So I thought nothing of it. Until last night when one of those fish looked awful when we got home. Poor thing had bloodshot eyes and was barely moving. He's always been a very active fish, and one of our favorites. I jumped on the computer to see what I could figure out. I think I was able to find what they had. It mentioned treatment and how long it could last (10-14 days), but not what the treatment was. So I went to the local, independently owned pet store we love to go to (they sell pigs there and we love looking at them. They also have a cat that runs free in the store that I always find watching the lizards). Thankfully the guy was able to help me. I diagnosed them correctly and he found me the proper treatment. Turns out that it should only take three treatments. Thankfully I should be able to do 2 by the time we leave tomorrow. So there is a good chance they will make it. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I hate seeing anything, even fish, suffer. I think they caught it from the live plants we bought from Petco. So you can probably guess I'm not pleased with Petco right now. We've never experienced anything like this before. We have had fish tanks for just over a year now, and my husband is starting to really get into it. He built this gorgeous stand for the 55 gallon tank.
OK I will go now and get things done so I don't have to stay up too late or get up too early. I was going to mop earlier this week, but didn't get to. Now I'm glad I didn't. I forgot to mention that that one fish didn't make it, and Larry had to send him on to the "great pond". Well, he didn't get the toilet flushed correctly, so my cats found a new toy. I came home this morning to find them digging at something in the bathroom. They had been batting the poor thing around on the floor after fetching him out of the toilet! So I'm off to mop. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a great start to their week. So to anyone stopping in to read...God Bless!!