Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Past Weekend

was my wonderful husband's birthday. He turned 36 on Friday. We both had work and I had work on Saturday too, so we decided to plan our celebrating for Saturday night. We enjoyed a FABULOUS dinner at The Keg with a couple we are good friends with. We then went downtown and hung out at a couple bars. We just relaxed, enjoyed good company, and watched the crazy drunks hehe. We greatly enjoyed grown up time and conversations. Some reminiscing and some talk of future. The couple we went out with, Christie and Shayne, are getting married the end of October. So we enjoyed hearing and helping with planning. Looking forward to seeing them in October if not sooner.
At the end of last week, Larry decided he finally had a project he wanted to make with the Plexiglas he has had for quite some time now. He decided our iguana who has been housed in a 55 gallon tank needed a new home. He is no where near out growing the tank yet, but we are doing all we can to encourage him to grow. So Larry did most of the work Saturday, a little on Sunday and Monday coming up with this:

Just a couple more finishing touches and it will be complete. He has already been moved in and our cousin came today to pick up the fish tank for their bearded dragon. I am proud of us girls for moving such a large item and not breaking it! Larry also built the stand a few years ago when we first got the 55 gallon for our fish that we had then. I am more than impressed with his craftsman ship. Looks like we have a pet store display case in our home!


Charisse said...

That is totally awesome looking. I am proud of him. Glad he had a great birthday! Maybe one day we can all celebrate Lorelli and Larry together. :)

Erik, Lori, and Lucas said...

Happy birthday, Larry! That tank looks great!