Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So the new big thing is pinterst.  And the question is to participate or not.  I have done and actually still am on Myspace but don't check it ever.  I fought Facebook but eventually gave in when a dear friend who doesn't do these types of things actually got on.  I do enjoy that and talking with so many friends on an easy format. I have opted out of Twitter. and am sticking to it.  I don't even visit to keep out any temptation.  Obviously I joined in in blogging.  It for me is a good journal.  Now the thing is Pinterist.  From what I can figure out it is a place to store and share various web pages with ideas for anything and everything.  Sounds like a good idea.  Would allow me to have fewer bookmarks on my computer.  But everyone I see on it seems to be addicted and even admit to it.  Do I join this to find more fun ideas and save space on my computer but chance more wasted time spent on my computer?  I am enjoying all the recipes my friends keep sending me that they find on pinterest. 
So I got on yesterday to take a look.  Figured I should sign up and really see what's going on.  The first annoying thing is you have to wait for an invite.  Hmmm don't really like taking my time to check it out to have wait to be asked to join.  While finding this out I saw an interesting picture of headphones that looked like a friendship bracelet.
 So I did look a little more into that and have discovered the new thing is to thread wrap headphones to help keep them from tangling.  It is to be time consuming but something I will try.  I thought well that should only cost me about $1.20 for the amount of embroidery floss it says I need.  So after my PT appointment yesterday I stopped in Hobby Lobby to pick some up.  Apparently I have been out of the friendship making a lot long that I thought.  When I was doing it you could get 5 for $1.  Now they are over $1.05 each!!! So doing a little shipping for cheaper prices but still  very sad because I will no matter what spend more than I once did. At such a huge price increase. 
Oh well off to shop for supplies for my first pinterest project and to ponder if I want to "accept my invite" or continue to hunt my old way.


Christy Lynn said...

I, too, am resisting the allure of Pinterest (and Twitter) and so far I'm staying strong :) I do keep seeing lots of people post things about it on Facebook and talk about what a timesuck it is, which is enough to make me stay away--I already think I need to manage my time better.

That seems WAY too high a price for embroidery floss. Seeing as how I use so much of it for my cross stitching, even now you should be paying more like 30-35 cents each, not $1.05. Even the craft store here that has a giant markup sells it for 70 cents a skein. Check Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and if they have one of those 20% off your entire purchase coupons, use one of those if you buy a lot of little things. I bought about 150 skeins of floss last year...I have several ginormous cross stitch projects in process :)

Good luck!

Toby E. said...

I found it for $0.39 at Joann's. Makes me wonder if I saw something wrong at Hobby Lobby. You've been making me want to get back into my own cross stitch again but that almost scared me away. Feel better now and wanting to find my stuff now. hehe It is still double what I use to pay, but much less scary.
Oh and I got my "invite" today. Only a day later, but still annoying to need think I will continue to avoid for now and stick with my time being sucked up by cleaning so I can hopefully craft again and I'll do my specific hunting and let others show me interesting things on pintirest. Thanks for helping me stick to my guns!

Charisse said...

I love Pinterest. It is a great recipe storage. I find things I want to make and rather than having to print them out right that second, I can wait and get home and look at them.

And of course I have twitter - all of it. But it is not so much of a time suck for me. You just have to manage it.

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