Friday, August 5, 2011


That is the word used so much around here lately.  I can't get on Facebook without seeing a post of someone complaining and/or posting a pic from their phone or car temp gauge that shows what temp.  But I think we all have the right to complain.  We have had triple digits since JUNE!  That is definitely not the norm and for the past couple weeks we are having highs of 11_! 
We got a little break a couple weeks ago by going to the coast.  And amazingly driving south turned out to be about 20 degrees cooler!  Lots of humidity to still make it hot, but we were able to spend 4 1/2 days soaking up the sun.  I got through one and 1/3 books which was just pure bliss and a lot of time in the water.  Wore my swim suit the whole time so little laundry to do when we came home.  Which was great because since then I have been working mostly 10 and 9 hour days with a rare day off.  And on those days off I have had to care for the family and do chores.  Rough working those long days but thankful to be in the a/c the whole time!
The kids get registered for school this next week so only 2 weeks and 3 days of summer vacation left.  It has gone even faster this year!
We did get my laundry room painted.  Little tip: DON'T purchase Behr premium plus paint with primer.  It does not stick to the wall!  Took an entire (and almost more if the hubby hadn't been so great) gallon of paint.  I also got a lot cleaned out and donated to good will.  I have also unearthed my sewing machine finally so with the kids return to school will also be the return of my sewing.  I am behind on gifts for a couple babies that are already here, but thankfully the gifts I like to make are enjoyed at a few months old.
Ok time to rest and cool down.  Another 10 hour work day tomorrow!