Monday, June 29, 2009

A Getaway Right at Home

Lately I have gone back to being lazy with eating healthy and pretty much nonexistent with my workouts. With it being summer I use the family as an excuse. I haven't pushed to get them eating a little better and I haven't been working to set an example. I just fall right into their junk eating or greasy eating out food. And with everyone home and nothing pressing for us to do we have fallen out of any kind of schedule. Every time I set my alarm for early to get up and get back into my routine it doesn't work. When that buzzing starts the hubby rolls over and decides to snuggle. And I'm sorry, but that's hard to resist! So back to sleep we go. Then it's super late when we get up and eat breakfast throwing all meals till late and that just keeps us going late into the night. Then with Holly home she is instant on enjoying summer and staying up late watching TV. Eventually I get tired of the arguments and pouting so I just give in and let her stay up. BAD MAMA!
But yesterday things happened that I have decided need to put a stop to all of it. First was me. I was extremely irritable all day and it is not even near that time of month. Then the other two started having stomach problems. I think a lot of it was probably something they ate at lunch. But Larry has IBS and I think Holly has it some too so I think the problems were magnified by not being on any kind of schedule.
So this morning I got up when the alarm went off (I did wake up 3 minutes before it should go off and decided that my original thought with an hour later was a better time for starting back into my routine. We'll save the extra early for after I've gotten back into it good). Got dressed and decided instead of getting on the exercise bike in my room I would go ahead and go for a walk since it wasn't too hot yet and Larry actually didn't stir when the alarm went off this time. Normally my working out has been during the school year. It's not hard to get going working out since I already have had to be up getting Holly ready for school. So I really haven't gotten out and walked on a Summer morning.
But I will more now!!! It's a complete tiny vacation!!! With everyone around it's hard to get away and with Holly and Larry having similar personalities I will admit some days they are a bit overwhelming at times. This morning I walked out the door leaving them behind. I did my stretches, put in my headphones and for the next 30 minutes the ONLY thing I thought about was looking for cars and saying good morning to another walker or someone working in their yard that I passed. I enjoyed MY music with no interruptions. Soooo fabulous. I want to work on my bike too, but at home everyone can interrupt. With my leaving no one does. Then I come home and am happy and refreshed for my family.
Yay for my new found daily vacation!!!
And coming soon my tag from Charisse.

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Charisse said...

Good for you getting back "out in the world." I have to get pack to my workouts tonight. I know that you will feel better once you get back in to it.

I feel all bogged down today after not working out the whole weekend. And having pasta for dinner. (Whole wheat pasta, but pasta nonetheless.) This evening it will be back to the Shape Up : Front with the copious amounts of sweat and stretching and pain!!! But I will feel so much better. And I am sure that Lorelli will try to do my exercises with me, which should be interesting.