Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long and Short all at Once

That's the way I feel about summer right now. With how extremely hot it is so early this year it feels long. With my kids here and at their mom's and figuring out where they will be when it feels long. With my husband working to find an honest job (I say honest 'cause he has almost and then has taken two different ones where they were doing wrong to their customers) it feels long. With me trying to get my foot in the door to a career I want it feels long.
But then there are the want to do's that make it seem so short. I want to work on sewing projects (haven't gotten farther than half cutting out that dress). I want to get out all the yarn I have bought (and with some super sales lately that pile has grown again) and finally learn to really knit and crochet. I want to spend time with friends. I have gotten to do some of that. I want to be able to just sit back and read all day. I am happy to say I am half way through my 3rd book this summer. I wish that number was larger, but I have picked some that are thicker than others and that just are a little slower read (no less interesting though). My brother's girlfriend is my inspiration. Last summer I believe the total was 25 books she read. At Father's day she was half a book up on me. I haven't gotten the recent tally but I'm sure she 's quite farther than me now.

What I've read this summer:

This one is a Christian novel and has two more in the series I am looking forward to starting shortly.

Make sure you have Kleenex handy for this one. You can pretty much figure out what the ending is, but it still gets you. Also the author mentions some major life events that happen to her that will get you too. I want to read Marley and Me also, but since I've seen the movie I think I will for-go reading the ending on that one.

And this one is making me want to learn knitting even more, but they do warn you of it. There is a follow up to this one and at least one more novel by this author that I hope to read.

Soon I will read the Twilight books. I have had the first one for a while now, but decided to hold off reading it till after the movie since often I don't like the movie if I've read the book first. I picked up the second one a couple nights ago so I could get it before the price went up on it as it gets closer to that movie coming out. Main thing I need to do is quit going to the library. I have so many books at home I want to read, but then I drop in there to let Holly check out or pick up pharmacy books or a book on CD and always have my attention caught by another bright cover and end up checking out a pile of books for myself. It's an addiction!

OK, off to read while I do chores at the same time.

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