Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey look at me!

Finally posting! Lots I want to write about. I was smart this time and wrote it down. So much though and some of them need pictures I haven't taken yet so I will wait and put it in another post. Woohoo that means more coming SOON.
First this week we have Sassy's little brother Tiny visiting. He is here while my aunt recovers from knee surgery. The surgery was on Monday and went well, but we are keeping him here so he doesn't accidentally get under foot. He has come at a good time. Sassy is in the beginning stages of heat (we haven't been able to take her in to get her fixed). Due to her leakage she is blocked from all areas of the house except the living room, dinning room and kitchen since they are all tiled. She is also very limited on outside play time, obviously. So Tiny is helping to keep her company when the rest of us are in other areas of the house. She is not as depressed and lonely.
Here is a picture of them in one of their brief chill moments. Tiny on left Sassy on right.

Monday I had my yearly MRI. The drive was rough since I have to go about 50 miles to get to the imaging place. It was pouring rain most of the way and I was driving my mom's jeep instead of mine. Larry had to take ours to work so he didn't get soaked on his motorcycle. I have driven my mom's jeep many times, but it is still stressful when it's pouring, you don't know where the controls are since it's not the same model, and you are going a route that you normally don't. All went well except for putting my IV in for the dye. I don't have a problem with blood or anything like that, but apparently my body was over worked from the drive and I almost passed out with the insertion. I prefer them to put needles in my left arm since I rely so heavily on my right, I don't want to make it hard to use. But my veins weren't cooperating. He couldn't get it in my arm so went for my hand instead. He didn't like the way it looked once he got it in, so I told him it was ok to go ahead and do the right arm for it. But that hand one didn't go so well for my body either. I started to feel real light headed and broke out in an instant sweat. I felt embarrassed so I sat there giving myself a pep talk in my head instead of telling him what was happening (stupid, I know!). I guess I must have turned white cause he asked if I was ok. I confessed so he made me lay down and got me a DP. Thankfully he was the one to put my IV in last year and remembered I had no problem. So he explained what my body had done and why that had happened. Hope he's there next year too. I went to use the restroom right after so I wouldn't need to in the machine. I felt much better, but when I looked in the mirror I could see I was pretty pale. Let's hope for good weather next year. Now I am just waiting for Dr. Chang's office (my neurosurgeon) to get back with me to set my appointment for him to look at my films from the MRI. I have a spot the are monitoring. I am not sure if it is left over from the surgery that was more of a danger to remove than to leave, or if it is a new development discovered last year after my MRI. I never got to ask him about that, so that's top question this year. Fingers crossed it hasn't done anything in the past year.
So it has rained all week causing Larry to need the jeep and leaving us at home. We have been doing some remodeling and moving of furniture in my bathroom and bedroom so I used this time to get it a little more organized (well as much as can while in the middle of it all) so I could get some of my stuff out of the living room. I forgot to take pictures before we started, but not too much has been done so that's some of the pictures I will talk for my next post as the sort of before pictures. I also was able to get most of my sewing table set back up. So I hope to finish that today and get back to work. My projects are stacking up.
I will go now though. Mail was exciting today. I got a magazine, the latest Joann's flyer, and the 2010 IKEA catalog! I had just found my 2009 and was about to find ideas for furniture I want for all our remodeling. Guess someone was listening and decided it would be smarter for me to have the new one now. WOOHOO! Off for some day dreaming time.

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