Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purse Postin'

Back in March I mentioned a handbag I was working on that ended up having problems with. Then my mom came over a few days later. I had shown the mess to her and she showed me how to fix it without pulling the whole project apart. So now I was mere minutes away from being finished. But in between the time of the original problem and my mom fixing it, I had moved on to another project. So that one got put in my to be finished box and forgotten about. Well I pulled it back out and, like I figured, I finished it up super quick. I made one adjustment to the patter which was to add a little flannel to the handle to make it more sturdy. I am glad I did and love it!!!

The pattern is from this book. The handles work like a drawstring when you hold them and the weight of the items in the bag pull downward. I have yet to use it. I have been enjoying admiring it so far.

Holly has also been at work again on her own purse designing. My mom gave her a bunch of fabric and other sewing goodies for her birthday this year and she has been enjoying them. I was super impressed with the design she made with this one. It doesn't lay out well for photographing, but maybe you can get the idea. It is a little tote where the top is actually wider than the bottom like a cupcake paper cup. She added some strings to tie it close so your goodies don't fall out. This was a little gift for me that I treasure. She is doing it all by hand and so it's not really usable, but I am so VERY proud of her creativity!


Charisse said...

LOOOOOVE the new bag. It is a little loud and boisterous and large for anything I would use, but I definitely think it is awesome looking.

I remember the first thing I made for my Nanau. I am sure it was unusable, but she kept it out where she (I) could admire it often.

Toby E. said...

Actually I should get a shot of me holding it. It's really not too big. About the size of a sheet of paper.
Holly's is fairly tiny, but I also like how she used two fabrics and really worked to cut them just right. It's so cool when you get a "I want to be like you" gift!