Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming Soon

Actual posts!!! School starts back TOMORROW leaving me with more time to do things and less having to entertain and run kids around. This summer did seem to go fast though. But even with no vacation trips this year it stayed busy.
I also hope to really kick up my studying for my certification to help hopefully get a job within the next month or so. This is the one time I'm looking forward to flu season since it puts a spike in jobs.
I also hope to be able to get more sewing done, work on my knifty knitter projects and finally learn to knit with knitting needles . And most importantly to get to organizing and painting done! With this organizing I am looking forward to getting rid of a lot of things!
Ok so that's a lot I hope to do, but with some changes that will be much easier to make with the kids gone, such as the T.V. off more, it should happen. I just will have to organize my blog reading since I spend too much time on that. But there are SO MANY interesting blogs to read!
Oh and I forgot to mention wanting to get the books read I didn't get to this summer.
That's a lot to do, better go and enjoy the last day of summer vaca so I am not wishing for it when working on all of that!

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