Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to the Norm

Holly 5th grader
Haylee 7th grader

First, sorry for the Fall background. I do realize we are still experiencing almost 100 degree weather, but I LOVE the colors in this one. I found it a month or two ago and had to make myself resist putting it on sooner. I decided when school started it would be ok. Fall is my favorite time, and I love almost anything to do with it, so sorry about the most likely frequent background changes.
Yesterday the girls started back to school. Seems both had reasonably smooth days. Holly is loving not being in elementary and seeing her old friends. Haylee is adjusting to being in Junior High and in a new school district. She came from middle school, so isn't having too hard of a time getting into the grove of class changing and such. She joined athletics and had to be at the school super early this morning for volleyball tryouts. I am anxiously waiting for her to get home and let me know how it all went. Only thing she really worries about is making friends. She is shy, but I know she will have them quick. She's like her daddy where people just want to talk to her even if they don't know her.
Yesterday I TRIED to spend the day enjoying my freedom again. I ran to Hobby Lobby to find some fabric to better match a project I am getting ready to work on. I then treated myself to lunch out. But it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. I then got a few groceries. While in the store I had to run to the restroom to discover I had a UTI. Unfortunately Larry's work doesn't have insurance and with all the back to school needs, my bank account is VERY tight till pay day in a couple days. And no doctor's office will bill you so I had to go the ER to get checked out. Missed getting to take the girls for an after first day of school treat, spent 3 hours in ER, and will be getting a too large bill soon for them to tell me exactly what I knew. But got my meds and am starting to feel better.
Starting to get things cleaned up in and out of the house after a busy summer, but with this lovely infection it has me a bit on the run down side, so cleaning is slow.

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Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

What a bittersweet day! Glad you are taking care of yourself. Wow, those 2 girls look beautiful. So glad that had a great first day.