Monday, March 9, 2009

As I wait...

for the tile in the living room to dry so I can move the chairs, Wii rock band accessories, and dog kennel back in and move the table, chairs, dog bowls, and plant stand out of the way to do the rest of the floors, I though I would do a post. I sadly admit, I can't remember when I last did a through mop and not a quick wipe down. It's just been hard to plan it all out and not have people walking in on my wet floors. I think I'm finally at the right time, but I finally just can't stand it and will take the chance of yelling for someone to FREEZE!
So for the season of Lent, one of the things I gave up is T.V. on weekdays between the hours of 10am and 5pm. I picked 10am because have a workout show that I work with that comes on at 9:30am. I've been DVRing that though and doing it the next day at an earlier time, so I often have the T.V. off by 9am. I gave it up because I keep the T.V. on for company and background noise, but often end up sitting and watching. I am pleased with it so far. I am back to listening to books on CD while I do my chores and am waaay more productive.
So with not watching T.V. I don't pull up a T.V. tray and eat my lunch in the living room, I sit at the dinning room table. As I was eating today, I noticed my large stash of cookbooks. And I became sad at thinking of how many I have and how little I use them. My family is a bit of picky eaters, causing me to not be willing to try new things too often. But with this lack of T.V. I came up with a fantastic idea. I'm sure many already do this, but it's still fantastic and new to me even if it is a "DUH" occurrence too.
Every week (or two weeks at least) I will designate either Wednesday or Thursday new recipe night. On these nights I will make sure I am stocked with the back up supplies for spaghetti, chili, or some other quick fix we haven't had recently so if I declare the dish a total bomb I can quickly make a meal. I will also make sure there is lunch meat and bread for the one or two who insist they can't eat this new thing. This will help me put the books to use and who knows what we will learn we like.
With he upturn of life events around here it may be a while before this new idea starts, but until then I'm happy with it.
OK back to the floors. I think the living room is definitely dry by now!


Dustythemomhaskins said...

Great job!!! It is amazing how much can happen in one days time or how little. So glad you got to your floors. The sad part to me is the fact that I clean them, nobody notices and then they spill, URGGHHHH!!! Hope you have better response than I do.

Worm's Woman said...

oh it's never noticed by anyone, but me. That's ok, I try to do it early enough that I get to enjoy the bright freshness of it before anyone comes home and it gets dirty again, oh what am I saying. I'm usually the first to spill on it HA!

Charisse said...

LOL I love that you got to your floors. I know how it irks you when they get dirty. :-) I have that same problem with these crazy hardwood floors. I love them, they are beautiful, but man do theyshow every single little mark!!! And my feet get dirty because we have a no shoe rule in our house. Oh well.

Your Wednesday/Thursday thing sounds very similar to my month of March commitment. I have decided NOT to make any of my standby meals at all. I, too, have turned to my cookbooks. And my friends. And the wonderful world of food blogs. OHMGOODNESS!!! My favorite thing to do for horus on end is go to and check out all the cool pictures of food and then go from there to fid out how to make them. I have had very many solid ideas from there.