Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally a little bit of an explination

of what has been going on to turn things upside down. Larry is no longer working in downtown Dallas as of last Wednesday. We knew it was coming, but it wasn't suppose to happen for a few more weeks. Thankfully the line of work he is in is constantly in demand, it's just finding one that will work for us. He has had interviews with a few companies and two with one company. They want him, but just don't have it in the budget to give him the minimal we need. So the lady who he met with today wants him badly and is going to go to lengths to get the right people to get the budget to work for him.
In these times, this is all very stressful. But some good is coming out of it. We are finally really pushing to get Larry his HVAC contractors license. Something that could get him where he truly wants to be. We are also looking into other opportunities he's always wanted to pursue. This is also finally forcing me to get out and job hunt. Something I've been wanting to do, but we just haven't pushed for me to do it in the past due to at first the need for me to stay home, and then the convenience of it.
What is most sad is he left about an hour ago to go stay with his brother for a while. He has been struggling finding work too, but God was looking out for us and sent him a large job. So Larry is going to spend around a week working with him. It has been hard getting my normal daily chores done with him at home, but I didn't want him gone all the time.
We were also suppose to have both the girls this weekend before they went to spend their Spring Break with their mom. Unfortunately Haylee isn't feeling well, so we had to move our visit again. Holly's been on antibiotics this week due to a mild stomach bug earlier in the week, so she will be ok to go ahead and go. They don't think Haylee has anything serious, but she just isn't up to a long ride and being away from her current norm. (Don't blame her there. I'm the same way). So this will put me home alone for a week . Well not exactly alone. I do have the zoo here to protect me and keep me company. Most of my chores are already caught up, and since I took out T.V. from 10-5 I should be able to be very busy and creative this week. Yea.! I will also have plenty of time to job hunt. And a full week of eating things I like without worrying no one else will. Again Yea!!
So probably lots of blogging this next week hopefully full of pictures of completed projects. Which reminds me. In dang computer completely crashed, and Larry didn't have time to fix it before he left. But he left me his laptop while he's gone. And if you knew how he is with his laptop, you would know that is BIG!
Ok, that's all for now. Goodnight!

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