Friday, March 13, 2009

On a mission to find a new drink

With having also given up sodas for Lent, I have been working to find a healthy drink to replace my soda addiction. I have tried to like green tea, but just haven't had a lot of luck. I do not like tea much in the first place. Yes, how can I be a born and raised Texan and not like iced tea? But I don't! Now if it's super week and loaded with some kind of sweetener, it's tolerable. I thought when they came out with this citrus green tea I would like it. I LOVE citrus. No such luck though.
Recently I stumbled upon in the soda isle of all places the Arizona green tea with Ginseng. It was only $1 for a 42oz. bottle. So I thought I would try...not too bad, tolerable. But then Larry found it and drank it all. So went back to buy more when I noticed the same bottle shape but instead of a green label it had a dark pink label. Hmm, must look at why this is pink! Green tea with pomegranate. Hmm, pomegranate-one of Charisse's favorite things. Guess I'll give it a shot. Not tolerable, but LIKEABLE! Success!!!!


Charisse said...

Pomegranate makes the world go round. And its good for you. Full of antioxidants and stuff!! WOOWOO for pomegranate tea!

Hurtado Family said...

I will have to try this...I am always in search of a drink to replace my daily coke craving! me...I wanted to ask you something about your blog layout...I love it! How do you get info on both sides of the blog?