Tuesday, March 3, 2009

T.T.T. time

So with all going on, the tasks that popped into my head are all that my husband and his family (of course that's my family now too, but so you understand who I'm talking about) are doing for me and my family:
First my mother volunteered Larry for a Paul bearer (sp?), but instantly worried that may make him uncomfortable since he will be around a lot of people he hasn't met yet. Larry being fabulous said "What ever you need me to do I'll do." If you knew him like we do (he's super friendly and can charm just about anyone, but a bit on the shy side at times) you'd know that's big in our hearts.
Second my MIL is here to watch Holly while we are gone and allow me to get ready to leave town without having to worry about fitting it all in around Holly's schedule. It's not often I hear of in-laws stepping up to help the other in-laws at a moments notice.
Third we went to E. TX to pick up my MIL this weekend and stayed the whole weekend. I originally didn't want to, but it turned out good for me. Larry's grandmother got right to work on making some pies she knows I like...he he love grandmother cooking! My brother-in-law's family just kept me happily entertained. No one pushed when I wanted alone time, and no one gushed over me.
For me none of that feels tiny, but for the title of the day...

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Dustythemomhaskins said...

great post. Thanks for joining my campaign. Families are so wonderful, thats why I am starting something new. Keep your eyes out for it. I love hearing wonderful stories of how generous people can be. Thanks Hon