Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's that time of week again. Again this idea was started by my good friend Twinkle. Hop on over to check it all out.
So I had a few good ones, but for the life of me I can't remember them! So instead here are a couple other ones.
  • Friday Larry took his mom back home and stayed the night to spend some time with his nephew and go to a swap meet the next day with his brother. I was a bit pooped of traveling after going to northern OK and back in two days and having gone to East TX both weekends for the two before. So I stayed behind and spent the evening with Holly. We had dinner at home then went to the movies and to Chili's after for dessert. Going to Chili's for desert was something I did a few times with my family growing up and it was one of the most fun things. You are getting to go out to eat but you get to order desert no matter what, and for the one paying it's a very nice bill. I guess not many people do this 'cause the waiter seemed shocked that's all we were ordering even though it was 9:30pm. Anyway the kindness that happened: even though we only ordered desert and the waiter knew it would be a tiny bill, he still gave us some of the best service. So in turn he received a generous tip.
  • Over the weekend Holly was fighting a VERY mild stomach bug. She seemed to have gotten over it on Sunday, but yesterday morning was at her worst. So a bit aggravated, I kept her home and took her to the doctor. He in turn was very kind. A bit on the worry some side in my opinion and I really didn't need him to explain certain signs to watch out for if it gets worse. I already know them, know it's not going to lead to that by how she feels now, and didn't need him putting thoughts in my kid's head. But he was very nice. He got into talking about having kids and not wanting to be much older. I was pretty sure he was fairly young due to his doctoring manor and his looks, so I commented on how we would like one before we get much older but are thinking it's probably not in the cards for us. I mentioned my husband's age. Turns out he's 3 years older...oops. So I told him the age my grandfather was when my mom was born and how old Larry's was when he married his wife. So he is definitely no where near too old to start a family. Our other concern is how old the girls are. It all made him quite happy and he was calling me a cool lady for feeling that way.

So those aren't the one's I was wanting to write on, and if they come back to me I"ll post them. But hopefully that works for now.

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