Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Yeah, that's why!

That seemed to be my main thought for the day. It started this morning when I got up. Since I planned to change the sheets on my bed today, I decided to let my dogs sleep with me in bed last night. I ended up sleeping on a portion of my queen sized bed that is much smaller than a twin. The dogs like to sleep RIGHT next to you and become the heaviest boulders when you try to move them. I woke up this morning VERY stiff...Oh Yeah, that's why! They never normally sleep with me that is.

I spent the morning and afternoon talking on the phone to my mom, watching a little t.v., washing some clothes, and playing on the computer. I needed to go to the library and grocery store, but was waiting for my book I had reserved to switch from shipped to held so I could pick it up. I finally decided at 3 to go so I could do what I wanted to there. I got there and the library was fairly crowded. Oh yeah, that's why! I usually go earlier on Saturdays or closer to closing to skip the crowd. Of course I'm sure it was worse than normal due to the wet and cold weather.

Afterwards I stopped at the Neighborhood Walmart about a block away to get stuff for my meals for the week and for baking a few goodies. Oh Yeah, that's why! I almost never do grocery shopping on the weekend except for items for A special meal we suddenly decide to have. The crowds are a bit much for me to handle.

As I finished shopping I noticed my basket had a number more items than the number of items on my list. Oh Yeah, that's why! I try not to shop when I'm hungry. I actually didn't realize I was hungry till I looked in the basket. I wasn't in there during a time when I normally eat a meal, but it was at a time I often have a snack. I can normally easily skip that snack if I'm busy, but I guess not today.

Then, even though I had a number of items I still went to the self check out. Oh Yeah, that's why! I normally go to a checker when I have that many. I had to unload everything to be able to load it back as I'm bagging. The self check outs always have the shorter conveyor belt so I couldn't fit all my stuff on it. And then I spent so much time unloading it still took a lot of time because I still had to scan, bag, and load everything back in the cart.

So tonight I will sleep alone, I will stick to my normal library hours, and I will start remembering to pack a snack in my purse again!

Here are a few pictures I went out and took after I noticed a little moss growing on one of the trees after all this rain.

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