Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthdays!

First to my dad who is 60 today! Unfortunately with all that is happening, we will be celebrating his birthday a little later, but Happy Birthday anyway Daddy/Grandpa!! We love you!!!!
Second to Larry's grandmother who is 85 today! We love you too, and are so glad you are doing well since surgery. Hope all went fabulously with renewing your drivers license (yes she still drives, and isn't one of those old people drivers you want off the road. She is still a great driver!) and hope you had a fabulous day all around!
Third to my friend Alyssa who is 32 today. Happy Birthday and hope to finally get to see you again soon!
(Sorry no pictures of anyone. My computer mysteriously crashed after the internet guy came and had to work on it trying to figure out what was wrong with our contection...hmm.)

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