Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

So today is starting (or should I say continuing) to be a rough one. Starting last night all three of us have upset stomachs. Nothing super bad, but definitely not fun! You would think then it would be due to dinner, but no. So what then?

Sorry I missed T.T.T. last week. Again I had some I have forgotten, guess I need to keep a notebook handy.

-My brother took HUGELY appreciated time out of his schedule to help with rescuing pictures off of my crashed computer before we cleared it out. THANK YOU CLINT!!!!!!
-My parents stopped by Sunday night and my mom figured out what I had missed on my sewing project to fix the problems. A couple snips and I'm back in business! She saved me from pulling the whole thing apart! Yay! So as soon as I have time I will finish it up and post picks. THANK YOU MOM!!!
-Yesterday Larry and I went to the library to find books and information for each of our tests we will be taking. I have never seen the line to reserve a computer that long! My turn came and when I went to get on mine, there was someone else trying to long onto it. When I politely told him that was reserved for me and explained what he needed to do, he got pretty nasty with me. I am proud to say I stayed calm and polite!

Ok, that's what I can remember. Back to resting...stomach is really yucky!

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