Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

Today for T.T.T. I would like to offer my daughter, Holly, as a fabulous example. She is ALWAYS coming to ask me how she can help me or Larry. Getting her to do her daily chores is a major fight, but she is so willing to come and help with anything else. She is always offering a friendly smile to ANYONE. And if you don't make her let go, she will stand forever holding the door for a stream of people coming in or out of a place. If you are sad and crying, she will be right with you making just as big of a puddle even when she has absolutely no clue why you are so upset.
This weekend my sister-in-law, nephew, nieces, and one of their friends came into town to look for a prom dress for my oldest niece. They had to go some where special for it and be there early Saturday morning. So they came and spent the night with us. Holly was more than willing to offer over her bed and sleep on the floor.
I am very proud of the generosity Holly gives each and every day! I often look to her as an example of what I can do to help or cheer up another person!


Dustythemomhaskins said...

WAY TO GO HOLLY!!! yes, we are getting somewhere. Doesn't it make you feel good as a mom to see the kids start to understand concepts, like generosity. Love this!!!

Charisse said...

YAY HOLLY!!!! I love her!!!