Thursday, July 3, 2014

Should get back to it.

Wow! Haven't been on in over 2 years!  Making some major life changes and maybe getting back on here should be one of them.  Does anyone ever stop in here anymore?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So the new big thing is pinterst.  And the question is to participate or not.  I have done and actually still am on Myspace but don't check it ever.  I fought Facebook but eventually gave in when a dear friend who doesn't do these types of things actually got on.  I do enjoy that and talking with so many friends on an easy format. I have opted out of Twitter. and am sticking to it.  I don't even visit to keep out any temptation.  Obviously I joined in in blogging.  It for me is a good journal.  Now the thing is Pinterist.  From what I can figure out it is a place to store and share various web pages with ideas for anything and everything.  Sounds like a good idea.  Would allow me to have fewer bookmarks on my computer.  But everyone I see on it seems to be addicted and even admit to it.  Do I join this to find more fun ideas and save space on my computer but chance more wasted time spent on my computer?  I am enjoying all the recipes my friends keep sending me that they find on pinterest. 
So I got on yesterday to take a look.  Figured I should sign up and really see what's going on.  The first annoying thing is you have to wait for an invite.  Hmmm don't really like taking my time to check it out to have wait to be asked to join.  While finding this out I saw an interesting picture of headphones that looked like a friendship bracelet.
 So I did look a little more into that and have discovered the new thing is to thread wrap headphones to help keep them from tangling.  It is to be time consuming but something I will try.  I thought well that should only cost me about $1.20 for the amount of embroidery floss it says I need.  So after my PT appointment yesterday I stopped in Hobby Lobby to pick some up.  Apparently I have been out of the friendship making a lot long that I thought.  When I was doing it you could get 5 for $1.  Now they are over $1.05 each!!! So doing a little shipping for cheaper prices but still  very sad because I will no matter what spend more than I once did. At such a huge price increase. 
Oh well off to shop for supplies for my first pinterest project and to ponder if I want to "accept my invite" or continue to hunt my old way.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lots going on in the land of Family E

I am so far behind on everything in my life, but with the season of Lent starting this week I am looking forward to using that time for reflection and changing. I am most happy to have a hubby who is joining me and even making some of his own choices that are setting an example for me.
I have been quite busy with work and with just getting regular life done.  My oldest just had her wisdom teeth pulled on Feb. 8.  Hard to believe she is old enough to have already needed that.  My youngest is in the line to join National Junior Honor Society.  So proud of her.  She has come so far from me having to constantly get on to her to quit rushing through her work and just getting done even if it meant not passing to now getting nominated for a high honor!  Again, so proud!!!
Hubby has been busy with work and various activities. Some fun and some not so much.  A couple minor injuries and lots of time on 4 wheelers. (injuries not due to the 4 wheelers just to clarify).
Friends all seem to be quite busy making babies.  I am behind, still haven't finished the gifts for the coworker, thankfully those weren't geared to just a newborn, and have 3 more babies I have to get things made for. One for a baby due next month and another due the month after that!!
And then there is me.  It is the busy season at work so over loaded there.  I did take this weekend off and enjoyed a road trip with hubby.  Enjoyed lots of time together.  Really connected again.  Next weekend I am off again and spending time with my lovely friend at another painting class and then out to dinner.  Hubby is going to keep the kids entertained so I can have some grown up girl time!
I have also been dealing with my own injuries.  I recently started getting severe headaches that started in my neck and would put me in great pain and with a sick stomach.  I had these in the past and was told they were a type of migraine.  I didn't agree with this so hurried in to my doc who ordered an x-ray, which lead to more tests.  Turned out due to all the wrecks I've been in and just due to life my neck is severely messed up and even pinching my spinal cord.  I have been going to physical therapy and finally had my pain management appointment last week.  That doc has decided to do one of the things I was really hoping to avoid.  Steroid injections.  My first one is tomorrow. He is going to give me local anesthesia, so I am cut off from food at midnight.  Don't want the injections but would prefer that to surgery.
Ok, there is a bit of an update for now.  Getting tired so need to do something to wake me up.  Want to stay up a little late so I can sleep in tomorrow.  With it being Monday I know my internal clock will try to get me up early and I don't want to be awake too long before the doctor.  I get real hungry most mornings. Thankfully procedure is at 10am with arrival time of 9am. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I AM IN NY!!!! Day One

My most wonderful Charisse and her wife Jennifer gave me a wonderful birthday gift of flying me out to visit them in New York for 5 days!  I arrived today and they have many wonderful things planned for my short trip that I am SO VERY excited about.
Today I left DFW at 5:50am Central time and arrived in Ithaca, NY a little after 11am Eastern time.  They took me to a wonderful local shop for lunch, Ithaca Bakery. Around the town and to the grocery store Charisse is always telling me about.  I found some tea my oldest has been wanting forever.  We are now home about to eat dinner and head to bed early so we can get up super early to head out to NYC.  Probably won't be back till super late so will give day two and three together. 
Off to enjoy my vacation and my wonderful friends!

Monday, October 24, 2011

32 and Crafty again!

Yesterday I turned 32 and I feel very spoiled!  I had a relaxing no frills weekend but enjoyed it all the same.  Got to go spend time with the hubby's family and had dinner last night with mine.  Even had a nice waiter who asked to see my id when I ordered a strawberry margarita.  I enjoyed an entire week of birthday treats though thanks to the few places I enjoy and have signed up with through the internet.  Still have a couple more to redeem.
My big birthday gift is my best friend Charisse and her family are flying me out to New York to visit them for 4 days.  I am soooooooooo excited!!  My wonderful hubby and fabulous friends are all doing things to get me ready for the trip.
Other good news is I am finding time to get chores done, watch t.v, read and craft again!!  I finally am getting hold of my time and using it wisely.  Work is falling into a schedule which really helps.  I just hope it stays this way.  Right now I have a stack of baby gifts almost finished for a coworker who is due to have her first child, a boy, in December.  I then am going to make a case for my netbook for the flight, I also have some legwarmer in work on my kniffty knitters.  One of my birthday gifts from my parents was a neat little instruction kit to teach you how to knit with special made crochet hooks.  I looking forward to trying that soon.
So far leading up to and no being 32 has been so much better than I could have imagined!

Friday, August 5, 2011


That is the word used so much around here lately.  I can't get on Facebook without seeing a post of someone complaining and/or posting a pic from their phone or car temp gauge that shows what temp.  But I think we all have the right to complain.  We have had triple digits since JUNE!  That is definitely not the norm and for the past couple weeks we are having highs of 11_! 
We got a little break a couple weeks ago by going to the coast.  And amazingly driving south turned out to be about 20 degrees cooler!  Lots of humidity to still make it hot, but we were able to spend 4 1/2 days soaking up the sun.  I got through one and 1/3 books which was just pure bliss and a lot of time in the water.  Wore my swim suit the whole time so little laundry to do when we came home.  Which was great because since then I have been working mostly 10 and 9 hour days with a rare day off.  And on those days off I have had to care for the family and do chores.  Rough working those long days but thankful to be in the a/c the whole time!
The kids get registered for school this next week so only 2 weeks and 3 days of summer vacation left.  It has gone even faster this year!
We did get my laundry room painted.  Little tip: DON'T purchase Behr premium plus paint with primer.  It does not stick to the wall!  Took an entire (and almost more if the hubby hadn't been so great) gallon of paint.  I also got a lot cleaned out and donated to good will.  I have also unearthed my sewing machine finally so with the kids return to school will also be the return of my sewing.  I am behind on gifts for a couple babies that are already here, but thankfully the gifts I like to make are enjoyed at a few months old.
Ok time to rest and cool down.  Another 10 hour work day tomorrow!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Slowly Ticking Off

Slowly....I am getting some of my summer to do list actually checked off.  Finally!
  • I have been cooking me and Larry some healthier meals.
  • I cleaned out my closet the clothes are all put away and the junk is out (It is all in Holly's bedroom waiting to be gone through but the first step is done)
  • I cleaned out the laundry room of all it's junk (it is now in the dinning room waiting to be gone through but again the first step is done) I just need Larry to move the desk out so I can then go get my paint and get started on that portion of the job.
  • I have finished 2 books already this summer and am almost finished with my 3.  Finally making progress with my reading.  Especially needed since I keep getting more books I want to read on my nook and at HPB.
  • Today was day one of my serious push to get daily work outs in.  I have been trying this for a couple weeks, but I just feel much different about all of it this time.  Maybe because I am trying to tighten up on our budget and this is a cheap bill we pay that gets me out of the house and doing something that doesn't cost me extra....well hopefully it will with the need for new clothes, but I can happily handle the thought of that expense. 
I also am trying to workout and read more to help with a little depression I am battling lately.  I have always been a person who likes to be with her friends.  But with the rise of summer bills and such high priced gas along with not living close to most of my friends, it makes it difficult for most of them to be able to hang out.  The hubby's friends don't have as many problems with this so I am feeling a little abandoned lately. Hubby is doing all he can to help with this, but a girl still needs those outside of family.
Ok, enough being down.  Actually feeling pretty good.  Going to go jump in the shower and get to work also got the girls back from their mom's for the week so a few activities with them and getting a plan on baby gifts for our cousins' coming little boy!