Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Wonderful Gift!

Here we are having ANOTHER snow day in North Texas.  The girls have now been out for 5 of the last 7 school days! This is a record!  I have not seen this many snow days for North Texas kids since I started school!  I think at the most we had 3 and I don't remember that many even.
I tried to go last night to get some items from the store...BIG MISTAKE!  Worse than Christmas Eve!  I left and decided that with the Jeep I could handle the roads in the morning and get what I needed then.  The condition of the roads would decide how much I got.  Well they weren't bad at all (for me anyway) so I went ahead and did major grocery shopping.  They had pretty much everything I needed after restocking from last night, and I enjoyed almost no one there.
Got the girls and I lunch.  Just simple stuff to fix.  Holly ate what I had and Haylee made herself the pasta I picked up for her that she likes.  They were both enjoying being lazy so I had lunch long before them and went on to do my chores.  After I heard Haylee finish her cooking and eating I noticed the water running a lot in the kitchen.
When I went to put in another load of laundry I found this:
After finishing her lunch she put away her leftovers then hand washed and dried her dishes.  She left them out so they could do a little more air drying before they get put away since I am a stickler for the dishes being dry before they are put away.  What a wonderful treat!!!!!  That warmed me right up!  So proud of my maturing baby!
I also enjoy my shoe choices on these snowy days.
Stick with my house shoes in the house and my snow boots when heading outside.  The boots came from Academy back when we were getting ready to go to Colorado for Christmas in 2008.  They have been one of the best investments ever.  And surprisingly fairly comfortable.  And who doesn't love a day in their house shoes?
But you can't forget a little color and it doesn't hurt when they help with keeping you warm.  Can't believe I didn't think to wear my knee high socks under my skinny jeans till almost the end of the snow days last week.
Hope everyone else is getting wonderful surprises and finding your own enjoyable way to stay warm!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scott Farkus

This is Rosco.
He has been on here before. Obviously he has grown.  I zoomed in a lot so you can't see he is actually a smaller cat.  Or maybe my other cat, Matty, is that huge, but no I really think he is just a smaller one.  Flash was closer to Matty's size. 
Anyway, my mom thinks we named him wrong.  She says he should be named Scott Farkus due to his YELLOW EYES!  Hehe!  That thought came to mind on this 3rd icy day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Days

So we are coming to the close of day two of no school due to the weather and already have word that there is no school tomorrow either. 
I went into work as normal yesterday since I had a short day.  Figured the girls could sleep the morning away and handle a little time alone even though they had a blow up fight the night before.  And they did fabulously.  But I was in no way leaving them for a 9 1/2 hour work day.  So since Hubby had been forced to even spend the night at work for the past 2 nights (he is on call so he would have to go in if there were any major problems and it is just too dangerous to drive that far that much, and let's not count gas prices) I had to call in to work for today.  Thankfully that is a rare occurrence for me and I was able to call and inform her at 6 the night before so the boss wasn't overly upset.  We were also fairly dead yesterday and with the rolling blackouts today I doubt they had hardly any customers!
So with all this time off perfect time to study, right?  Right.  But that I have not done.  Still time to do some tonight though and thankfully I am scheduled off tomorrow so I can get a bunch done then.  I just have to really force myself.  So lots of crafting right? Nope to that too.  I know. I started clearing things out from the floor redo!  Nope.  I was lazy is what I was.  I did get a little baking done and I did make me a pumpkin coffee again.
I also did do this:
Built my very first fire!!  With help from my mom telling me what to use.  I did it all!  It may be pathetic being 31 years old and this being my first time, but I don't mind and am proud.  I started it a little before 11am right as we had our second round of the rolling blackouts (and we got lucky and only had 2 in our house) and it is still going now at 8pm.  I just took this picture actually.
Well hubby has finally come home so I am going to eat and study a little so I can snuggle with him since it is getting close to time to let the fire die out for the night.
Hope everyone else is staying warm and safe!