Monday, November 8, 2010

TF #8

8. I am thankful for my cat Matty. He is the one animal in the house who actually prefers me. I will get into each of my others another day. Matty has been with us for 6 years now. He was abandoned at one of the properties Larry worked at and we lived at. Larry saw him and told me where he was. Larry said if I could catch him I could have him. I remember I was in the middle of making dinner, dropped what I was doing and caught me a young cat. I tried to get his sister too. She looked just like him but the tips of her fur were burnt orange (HOOK 'EM!). She was too skittish. She did come stay outside our door though and eat the food I left for her. But since that day, Matty has been my shadow. He wants affection so bad at times I have to hide my hands under me so he will lay down and quit pushing me. He is a girl's best friend and a real Mama's Boy!

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Charisse said...

This kitty is the epitome of doting!!