Sunday, November 14, 2010

TK #13 &14!

13. I am thankful for the ability to be ok with not reaching my goal of blogging every day on my thankful quest. Before work yesterday morning one of my closest friends called to tell me what all was going on in her life at the moment that had put her in the hospital. She needed company to help make it through the day and so her husband could get a little break to relax and not worry about is wife and her comfort. He needed some rest. So I was able to get off work about noon, come home to get my own sick husband comfortable, run a couple errands and head off to spend the rest of the day just getting some good visiting time in with a very special couple working hard to keep a very persistent baby in his little oven a little longer.
I stayed till 9pm and then made it home about 10 and just crashed. Hubby had to wake me to eat my dinner.
So I am going to get back on track with my thankful posting and be thankful for it! hehe.
14. I am thankful to be able to FINALLY enjoy the colors of fall. Yes, the trees have officially taken on a majority of fall coloring. I love driving now and just absorbing the beautiful colors all around me. I am even thankful to enjoy the colors of the Christmas lights that are already starting to show up at night around the neighborhoods!

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Charisse said...

Its so awsesome that that you got to spend time with her. I wish I was still there sometimes. And that she and I had never lost touch. But, alas, that is life. I know that I think of her often and it's nice to "chat" back and forth sometimes when the occasion arises. :)