Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Check out the picture on the side. To better understand what it's all about and what's going on, go to my friend Twinkle's page every Tuesday.


Susan said...

Forgive me for being a naysayer...but what instantly struck me when I read this was: why are we posting our own generosity? I was always taught that the best good deeds are those that you don't tell anyone about (because you aren't seeking praise and recognition, you're just doing it to help another person).

I do like the idea though. I think that I may start doing it so that I pay more attention to others' generosity; I don't think I'll post my own do-goodings though.

Worm's Woman said...

Good point made. I don't feel that it is necessarily bragging on yourself, but more showing that it only takes a little to do a lot. If you notice the posts also mention what others have done for us too. My thoughts are if it gets us thinking and working to do better...Yea for us!
But your point is very good. And I don't think of you as a naysayer, only making a point that I was taught too and should take into better consideration. On my part I don't want others thinking I'm bragging on myself. I do enjoy bragging on others and their good deeds.
I'm glad it inspired you to do it too, and you have inspired me on what I choose to actually share.

Susan said...

Very good point...and that's probably what Twinkle had in mind too (showing how easy it is to help others).