Friday, February 27, 2009

Pround and Annoyed

Starting around mid February every year my youngest gets a severe case of Spring Fever. This illness causes her to make MANY BAD choices at school. It clicked with me towards the end of our rough time last year that it did go hand in hand with the season change. So I had talks with her about it early this year and made threats. Well it really seemed to be doing the trick. Then I found out she had been struggling with one problem all year. The teachers had been handling it themselves, so I didn't find out till more than half the school year was over. When I found out, I got creative with the punishment and am proud to say I'm sticking to it. She has had an occasional screw up, but for the most part has really turned things around this year and I am VERY proud of her.
Insurance companies are great, they really help lower the costs of medical bills. But then they can be a severe pain too, especially when they do all they can to get out of paying for things. I went to the pharmacy to get a refill on Larry's daily migraine preventative on Tuesday. When I went to pay for it they told me insurance had declined paying for it. WHAT?!! This stuff is an absolute must for him to have, and it's VERY expensive. We are having to go into "super save mode", as Lori calls it, right now and I don't want to pay an extra $70 in addition to my high copay on this one. We have been getting it for months with no problems. What the deal is, is they want us to mail order it to save money. Actually a great idea for us now, but would be nice to be warned that we need to do this before I'm trying to refill his pills due to having only 2 left! Thankfully when he went to his last appointment, he explained some of our situation to the doctor and she was kind enough to make some adjustments to his prescription to help us. Well this adjustment allowed me to get an immediate fill at the pharmacy and still get a huge supply mailed to us. So all in all it is turning out to help us, but it had me panicky for a bit there.

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