Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheers!! and T.T.T.

For Larry! He had his appointment with his neurologist today, and she reported that his EEG came back with good results...no signs of seizures!! Now on to have standard blood work done.
So for my Tiny Task Tuesday report: Last Thursday I took my mom to see my eye doctor. On the way we took the toll road. I have not remembered to switch my tag to the new car, so we had to stop at the booths and pay. And since I had no change we went to the ones with people. I am always giving with my please and thank you's and this time no different. And after one toll I recieved a very bright and almost surprised thank you back from my own thank you that I gave. So small and I could see it ment so much. And that's what T.T.T. is all about: making things a little better and brighter for others!!
Coming soon: Back to getting creative and making things again. My to-make list is growing and growing. Need to get a little room made for the more items that are sure to be added to it.


Dustythemomhaskins said...

YEA, The report is great!!!! Give Larry my best. Super happy for him. T.T.T. That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish and spread. Pure generosity and true friendliness. What used to be the Texan way, of course. Thanks for starting your own TTT

Christy Lynn said...

Great news on Larry's report, I'm sure that's a huge relief for you! Especially given the unknown (to me) craziness that happened for you guys this last week. Just let me know if I can do anything to help you out...which might be more helpful if I was LOCAL but I do what I can!