Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too Fast

I am happy to report that Paco is doing well.  His tail has healed over with no infection and is already beginning to regrow!
And after all that, I am crazy enough to add two more members to our zoo.  Meet Delilah and Pebbles.  D is at the top and P on the bottom. Here they are in their favorite spot.  The drawer in the coffee table.  They crawl in from underneath when the drawer is closed and hide out for naps.  They are 2 of the 3 kittens that my mother-in-law's cat had.  After a fabulous school year for Haylee we decided she could finally have her own pet.  When we went to pick up her kitten, I fell for the other little girl and had to have my own. 
The girls last day of school was suppose to be this last Friday.  Unfortunately the state has not returned the scores for their state tests so unless the scores come in tonight and we get a phone call the entire school is participating in Flex days and going to school tomorrow morning...ugh!  But no matter what day ends up being the last day of school, I will have a high schooler and junior high schooler this next year!  AAAHHHHH!  They grew waaaaay too fast!