Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo 4/4

Well unfortunately my computer crashed completely recently. My brother was able to save all my pictures, but getting to folders and putting them on here is a bit difficult for me at the moment.
So instead here are a few photos from my camera I was planning to share:

I had been using my oldest daughter's room as a sewing room while she is living at her mom's. She is moving back this summer, so I had been planning on getting everything out. Since we had company last weekend, I decided to quickly move it all to my room. Obviously this left a disaster. So I spent the last couple days reorganizing my closet to move stuff in there for storing, and then reorganized my sewing corner. I am fairly pleased with it for now. Larry likes the idea of it being in there so I don't spend so much time locked in the sewing room alone. So he said he would build me some wall storage soon...yay!
Here is the before:

And here is the after:Much better!

And here is a picture of Haylee. Now that it is moved out of her room, she had the itch to do some sewing.

And here are the pillows she made:

Last night Holly and I tried making Christy's cookies again. And thanks to measuring out the dough more properly like she said, they came out great. Now if only I didn't walk past them so much doing my chores so I wouldn't keep grabbing them. Since they are little they are very tempting for grabbing just one!

P.S. Did you spot Matty (one of my cats) in the before picture?


Christy Lynn said...

You only grab one at a time? I can't help but grab at least three...which is why I can't make them very often. I think they're my most highly addictive cookie, and that's saying something as I have quite a number of cookie recipes.

Your "before" picture of the sewing corner looks like my craft room right now! Only I don't have a sewing machine. I've got pages spread out over every available flat surface for the baby books I'm making, it's kind of up in there is on the agenda for this afternoon. Tell Haylee she did a great job on the pillows!

Toby E. said...

only one, but I walk past them every little bit. so it's probably the same to your 3.
I may try the strawberry soon, but it's so hard to find good lemon cookies and i'm always looking for one. so this is a winner that probably won't do it for me in any other flavor hehe.
The corner will only last like that for a little longer. I have 3 projects half done i have to pull out then it will be all over the place!

amandajean said...

impressive before and after photos!

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

oooh love before and after photos! Those pillows are adorable too!