Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sorry for the absence. I haven't had anything interesting to say and just have been taking some time off from the computer lately. I only pop in now and then and have been mostly using my phone. And since I'm not the most internet/phone savvy, it really limits what I do while I'm on it.
This last weekend we picked up my oldest to have Easter with the family. Larry's mom's side of the family usually has their family reunion on Easter. Games and lots of food and lots of fun. This year was no different except for some family coming that we hadn't seen in years (or that I had never seen).
What was interesting though is some stuff my daughter told me over the weekend. I picked her up Thursday evening in Waco, but we didn't go out to East TX till Friday evening. I had baking to do and packing. (Which reminds me. Christy, made your cookies again for Easter and everyone who tried them just kept coming and telling me how great they were! You received many compliments. I told them all the recipe came from a good friend. A few even asked me for it.)
On the way to East TX Haylee was texting one of her friends. Her excessive texting has gotten her into a little bit of trouble at her other house. She would be texting instead of getting homework or chores done.
I'm one who really doesn't care for kids having cell phones. Especially with all this going ons with teens "sexting" now. But it is handy in emergencies, for getting to talk to her while she's at her mom's, and with her getting older and spending more time out with her friends. What she told me though gave another plus to the idea of having phones.
I asked who she was talking to on the drive, and she said it was her friend who was just sitting around bored. Haylee said her buddy was excited about Saturday because she was going on a date with her boyfriend. WHAT? DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT? HOW ON EARTH IS ONE OF MY 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER'S FRIENDS GOING ON A DATE?! Surely this must be a friend from her neighborhood who is older or a girl she knows due to Haylee's older brother who is in high school. So I asked how old she was. Answer: 12!! NO WAY! Haylee then mentioned the girl's parents were going along...and they were seeing a movie. Ok. That's better. I did know of kids doing the same thing with their bf/gf when I was her age.
So Sunday I asked if she had heard how it went and what they ended up seeing. She said that her friend said it was good, and she wasn't sure what movie they saw. She said the girl said they didn't really watch it much because....and of course I know the reason. Or I thought I did....they talked until the movie started and then texted the whole time through it. WOW! You are probably like me and figured they kissed the whole time (thought they would be young for that, but what else would keep you from watching it?). I was VERY pleased to hear this. She's always been pretty good at picking her friends, but this confirmed she is still at it. Also this is great! One more reason to like cell phones for kids! Talk instead of trying to act older and make out! I didn't know 12 year olds could have that much to say to the opposite sex. Normally they are SUPER shy or acting too old! So they are learning to get to know each other emotionally not physically. WOOH WHOO!

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