Thursday, April 16, 2009

Suggestions Please

Last night as I was headed for bed, I had a number of things to blog about. I thought I should write them down, but was too tired to get up and do it. So this morning it leaves me remembering only one...grr. If I remember the others I will post again.
I need some help. I am trying to start planning on buying a new sewing machine. The one I use now was purchased by my husband for a Christmas gift. It holds sentimental value, but that's about it. I am still a beginner sewer and haven't mastered all the functions of the one I have, but this machine is getting on my nerves. It is a VERY beginner machine and a bit on the cheap side. I am getting really tired of the various problems it gives me. Granted some are due to my own forgetfulness, but not all of them!
So does anyone know of a good quality beginner machine, or one that is a good experienced machine but beginner friendly too? Things are tight right now and my piggy savings is still for my trip to Georgia I will take at least by the Fall. But I would like to start figuring out what I want so I can plan and save for it to hopefully get it before Christmas (get some more gifts made this year at a faster pace).
That's all for now. I'll be back if I remember anything. Off to go return the markers I bought yesterday that were dried up :( and to replace the jar of pickles Larry and Holly requested that made it ONLY out of the jeep...oops!


Charisse said...

Uhoh...did you drop pickles? That's no good. Or did you eat them? I can understand that. Sometimes you gotta do it. :-)

Sorry you had a yucky weekend. Love ya.

BTW my friends dad is doing better. They are looking for a nursing home now. It is sad, but necessary. He has Cirrhosis, I learned.

Toby E. said...

So glad he is better. And it's sad to put him in one, but I know they will all feel much better knowing there is someone there to help him when he needs it.
Yes they dropped. I forgot to put back in my bin for stuff like that after we got back. And instead of putting them in the floor of the back seat, I went ahead and put them in the back. Holly jumped out to get the groceries out for me. Opened the tailgate, and bam! Thankfully they were double bagged and outside, no clean up!
Just got a new jar, so Holly has her pickles to eat, and I have the juice to make Larry what he requested. He told me I better hurry and get another jar. It will take a week to get it all done and he wants it ready when he gets home. I will post on all of it another day.

Dustythemomhaskins said...

So I totally can not help you with the machine problem. I am a baby beginner and have a hard time remembering myself. poor pickles, I totally understand the I want to help attitude with the kids. Good lUck remembering the other things you wanted to post about. After my car accident in georgia my memory and brain have never been the same. I understand the forgettfulness and how irritating it is. It doesn't seem to get any better the older we get either. I hope you get Hubbys stuff made, have a good week.