Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Recap

So Friday started with a morning drive to West. Holly was finally getting to go to her mom's, but due to a death in the family, we had to make it an early trip. She's doing fabulous in school, so I figured one missed day won't hurt.

So that got me home nice and early to get ready for a girls' night out. One I had been planning for a few weeks with a friend. We got to downtown Ft. Worth a little earlier than most places started getting going in the evening. But we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Flying Saucer out on the deck which was VERY enjoyable with the weather. After that we walked around town stopping in at a number of other places and ending the night at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. All in all a very enjoyable, relaxing night full of laughs and just plain forgetting about all responsibilities.

Can't wait till we do it again, Kristi!!

Saturday Larry and I ran out to East Texas for the afternoon/early evening. Larry's grandmother is in poor health right (prayers for her would be greatly appreciated), so we went to spend some time with her. Our family and friends had gathered at her house to keep her company and to spend some time together with a big fish fry...GOOD STUFF!
Larry had also brought along his shot gun, my rifle, and his new hand gun (well new to him) that my parents recently gave him. That thing has been sitting above the fridge for as long as I could remember, having never been used since it was given to my dad before I was born. They were happy to pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. He wanted me to practice more with mine (oh which I don't think I mentioned. It's PINK! He's been wanting to get me a gun for a long time, and when I saw that I told him he could buy THAT ONE for me.)

After we were done practicing, my nieces and nephew arrived. Craig knew we had our guns, so he had happily brought along his BB gun and air pellet guns. I was still standing back in the area where we shot the guns when he arrived. I'm personally not that into guns (try to enjoy them for Larry as he tries to enjoy some of my activities for me), but I did enjoy shooting Craig's air guns with him. And I think he really enjoyed showing me how to work them and helping me work on aiming. I greatly enjoyed my time with him.

Sunday Larry and I went to go see Eagle Eye in the morning. We both liked it. They had a few problems with the film though so we got free passes for another movie. They have special price for movies before noon Fri-Sun, so we get to see two movies for two for only $10. Not bad!!! Then we headed to pick Holly up and stopped by the grocery store to pick up so shrimp, crab cakes, and sweet potatoes that Larry cooked for us (Holly opted for a T.V. diner). And relaxed for the rest of the evening.

All in all a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gonna get around it

So yesterday was one of those days. By 6:30am it was already headed to a bad day. And I was really feeling it.
So around 10:00 I got myself out the door, finally, to use my coupon I got in the mail for a free bag of dog food. I'm trying to get our older dog, Ruby, to change brands for various reasons. Mostly to see if we can't improve her breath. And I wouldn't mind a brand that I could pick up closer to the house.
In addition to stopping at Target to pick up the dog food and grab some groceries (which they ended up being out of half of them forcing me to make another stop this time at Walmart), I decided to stop at Joann's and pick up some fabric I had been wanting that was on sale, and to get some thread for the projects I have cut and waiting to start work on. It must have been mean old lady day though.
My first encounter was while driving through the shopping center and coming to a 4 way stop. This lady was driving like where she was going was closing in 2 minutes, and she had right of way no matter what forcing me to stop in the middle of my turn to keep from hitting her after I had gotten there stopped, started to take off but stopped again to make sure the car speeding in my direction was going to stop. When I saw it slowing I went to make my left turn. I was wrong though, she was only pausing. And gave me one heck of a nasty look while she raced for the area I was headed to park in. Then proceeded to take her time getting out and sloooooowly walk to the store. So I drove around a bit before I parked and sat in my car to try to avoid having to see the woman who just ticked me off and then walked into Joann's too. I then went in and found what I was looking for and a number of other things I like (I did good though and only got one extra cut of fabric than I planned and it was one of the half off ones, and left the 6 other fabrics I wanted for another day).
I then proceeded to the cutting table where I encountered my second mean old lady. She was actually only rude to me by pushing her way into the middle of my spot at the counter to ask a question, but she was super rude with her question to the woman who was cutting my order. With everything else that had happened, it got to me though.
After that I tried to go back to browsing, but all the annoyances were just hanging on me making this trip not so enjoyable. I can normally happily browse the store for an hour or more, but today I decided I had my stuff and it was time to move on.
So I then got my dog food at Target and went on to Walmart to get my few groceries I needed and to pick up my free Redbox rental, which I was thankful for. I was able to get Made of Honor and go home and watch that which did cheer me up.
Unfortunately that did last long. The rest of the day stayed down. And it didn't help that it was a SUPER rough day (and will be the rest of the week) for Larry. And we were both over stressed and not able to handle the other's stress in addition to our own and that from various other things popping up all the way till bed time.
Larry was SUPER sweet though and used his free rental to get Baby Mama for me, which I had been wanting to see. So he sat in the living room watching a movie on cable, and I went and watched that in the bedroom, which helped to perk us both up a little before bed in addition to watching 2 and 1/2 Men together before we decided to go to sleep.
Anyway, I can feel the down mood trying its best to settle on me again today. But I'm not going to let it. I know there's not much to keep Larry from coming home upset for most of the week, so I'm going to keep my spirits up. So today I started the day by enjoying some extra sleep and deciding to just drive Holly in instead of getting up early for the bus. This caused me to miss my work out though, but I did good and FINALLY got to have one on a Monday yesterday. Now I am going to finish up here, jump in the shower. Make sure I have all I need to make stuffed cabbage (been wanting to try this recipe for a while. it's a slower cooker one and actually need almost all day), then get the laundry folded and put away and then spend the afternoon with my sewing machine and books on CD.
So wish me luck that this helps to get past the funk. I think it will though, just typing it all out is helping me already.

Monday, September 15, 2008

This Weekend

...I FINALLY finished my rag quilt. I've had this for about 2 1/2 years now and haven't had the chance (or really space) to make it until now. It was a little kit my mom got me for Christmas the same year my husband got me my sewing machine I currently use (I have another one stored at my parents' that belonged to my grandmother, but is not a table top one. And with apartment living, it wasn't a convenient thing to use back then. Now I'm so use to my table top one I haven't gone and gotten the other one.) It's a fleece throw that comes in a little bag that has all the pieces already cut and ready to sew. You just lay them out in the pattern it shows in the directions.

It's a little harder than I figured it would be mainly due to trying to keep from sewing the cut fringe. And it took a while to pin it all together when I had completed the separate rows and was sewing them together. After I sewed the first two rows together, I realized I needed to pin the fringe down that was from the separate squares being put together. So I did get a number of pricks while trying to put it all together, but no blood to worry about getting on the fabric :)

The thing that took the longest was just finding time to do it. There are a few small mess-ups, but nothing you would notice unless I sat down and really showed you. So I'm very pleased. And looking forward to a chilly evening where I can wrap up in it.

My mom bought this for me because of the Kokopellies. One of my favorite things to collect.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please stop today

to pray and remember.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Posting the pictures that is.

Here is Holly ready for her first day of 4th grade.

Sassy thinking Larry's butt made a good pillow

And one I took yesterday morning to show how big she is already

Ok off to work some more on my blanket. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


... is my fabulous hubby's birthday!!

Happy birthday, Babe! I definitely love you more every day!!

... is also a day to catch up on a few pictures. Unfortunately we are changing cable companies (which is also how we get phone and Internet hook up), so a lot of the pics I was planning on posting are stored on my computer that I am not able to access the Internet on. But here are a few for now.

My scar one year later.

Lucas checkin' out what a handsome guy he is during tub time (tell me you couldn't just fall in love with him the moment you saw him?)

Sassy at almost 8 weeks old.

I had more to put up, but blogger isn't working with another day.
Oh got some new ones that worked for posting.
More of my honorary nephew