Wednesday, September 3, 2008


... is my fabulous hubby's birthday!!

Happy birthday, Babe! I definitely love you more every day!!

... is also a day to catch up on a few pictures. Unfortunately we are changing cable companies (which is also how we get phone and Internet hook up), so a lot of the pics I was planning on posting are stored on my computer that I am not able to access the Internet on. But here are a few for now.

My scar one year later.

Lucas checkin' out what a handsome guy he is during tub time (tell me you couldn't just fall in love with him the moment you saw him?)

Sassy at almost 8 weeks old.

I had more to put up, but blogger isn't working with another day.
Oh got some new ones that worked for posting.
More of my honorary nephew

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Hurtado Family said...

Happy Birthday to Larry! Cute puppy! And SUPER SUPER CUTE baby!! Love those chubby cheeks!