Friday, October 23, 2009

I am...

the BIG 3-0 today! Been one heck of a busy week! I am behind on my reading of every one's pages and writing on my own. I will be back soon with an update. I am off to run some errands to get everything needed for Haylee to play with the band at the high school football game tonight. Pictures soon hopefully. Holly had a choir performance last night, but I forgot my camera...grrr. Just shows you how crazy this week has been. I am off though. Laters!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life takes over sometimes

I mentioned before my birthday is coming up. Technically it is a week from tomorrow...AH! How fast this year has gone! It's a big birthday for me, my 30th. I had made some plans I was really looking forward to, but in the past couple weeks things have happened to cause these plans to not be able to go through. I had been battling canceling my plans for a week now. My fabulous parents stepped in to help make sure it all happened, but then more things happened and I decided I just didn't feel right to continue with my plans when so many other things needed caring for. I am disappointed but relieved at the same time. I know that if I continued with them I wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much as would have liked. I would have felt very guilty. It's not always fun, but it's life. Needs come before wants. I know this also is a good example for the girls. Everyone faces this problem, but now days many people don't make the right choice. I want the girls to learn to be some of the ones that do. Wow, I really am getting older. I am proud of myself and will fulfill these wishes when things are in a better order.
The main disappointment is it was motivation to get a lot of things done before my birthday. I hope I can stay motivated to still get them done.
On a different note. I have got to get to work! At a job and with my sewing machine. The dogs are in desperate need of new beds. And a dear friend is expecting her first baby Christmas day. A boy! Her shower is Halloween day (how fun is that?!). So I have got to get to work on baby gifts, my favorite!
So on that note, need to get off here and get to work.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homecoming '09

Here are pictures of the girls and their mums my mom made them before we headed to the game. And one of Holly with her spirit stick she caught. She spends almost all of every game we've gone to trying to catch something from one of the tosses, and last night was her lucky night. Our team won 65-0 keeping us 6 and 0, undefeated.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I get it from Mom

My love for making pretty things. My mom is who has and still is teaching me to sew. She always gave us fun crafts and projects to do growing up. Thankfully Holly has gained this too. Haylee had when she was younger, but as she is turning into a teen her choices in activities are changing. I feel she will come back to wanting to do more crafty things when she gets older as long as I keep showing her my interest in them. I truly believe you lead and teach by example.
The other reason I believe she will come back to crafts and hand projects is because of her recent request. She asked me back at the beginning of school if when homecoming came we could make mums. She had done a simple one last year at her mom's and wanted to do it again. I am happy to do anything within reason that will get her into her new school's spirit.

But to do this task I called on my mom. She made one for me when I was around Haylee's age and I loved it! I have it some where but in all the packing of growing up I don't know where it is to have shown it to her. She came over Sunday night and made Haylee's and will come over tonight to make Holly's.

Here is her fabulous work and proof of why I like to make things.

(This was made completely from scratch. Nothing bought pre made.)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The forgotten purse

I was just looking through the pictures on my camera that I need to load onto my flash drive and realized I forgot to post the pictures of the Artsy Clutch I made for my friend Tina a couple months ago.

I got the pattern from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. I made one adjustment of making the purse a little wider and I used a hair elastic for the closer. Cheap way to have a bunch of different colors. I loved the fabric so much I bought more to use on another patter I want to try in her book. Maybe I'll soon get back to my sewing. Not only do I want to make that bag, I want to make my own artsy clutch, I have fabric waiting for two more bags like this one, and I owe my mom one from some fun pear fabric for her birthday back in July...bad me!

Monday, October 5, 2009


That's today for me. I have things I NEED to be doing, things I need to do, and things I want to do.
I NEED to be cleaning the house to get ready for a family friend to be comfy staying with us.
I NEED to be cleaning my laundry/office to get ready to paint it.
I NEED to be doing my normal chores (laundry, mopping, vacuuming...).
I NEED to be working on job applications.
I need to be baking breakfast goodies to freeze and have on hand for mornings.
I need to be getting planning and pricing done for my birthday plans.
I need to be at Garden Ridge picking up some more of their cheap fleece blankets so I can make new beds for the dogs.
I want to be reading my library books and magazines.
I want to be vegging in front of the T.V.
I want to be working on my hat I started the end of last winter so I can wear soon since it seems like it might soon be staying cool.
But things haven't gone as planned today so I am doing none of it. I did get something planned and started for dinner, so yay for one thing!
I did work somewhat hard finally organizing the cabinet under my "junk" counter in the kitchen this weekend. I have a pile of items waiting to be box and donated.
I also have one child home. She woke up with a tummy ache and insisted she could not try to get ready for the day and see how it went. She is now awake feeling fine and bored as heck. She is stuck in bed with no T.V. as per normal stay home from school sick rules. I knew her tummy ache was due to my allowing them to have a fun weekend after a hard work week at school and not forcing them to go to bed at any set time. Also she ignored my warnings last night and ate a bit too much right before bed. Someday she will learn.
So since I am not doing my NEEDS I am not doing much of anything....ah well.
Here finally is a pictures of our newest family member, Rosco. I feel bad "replacing" Milee so soon, but she shows no signs of making it home and I was really starting to see the depression in Sassy and Matty.