Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I get it from Mom

My love for making pretty things. My mom is who has and still is teaching me to sew. She always gave us fun crafts and projects to do growing up. Thankfully Holly has gained this too. Haylee had when she was younger, but as she is turning into a teen her choices in activities are changing. I feel she will come back to wanting to do more crafty things when she gets older as long as I keep showing her my interest in them. I truly believe you lead and teach by example.
The other reason I believe she will come back to crafts and hand projects is because of her recent request. She asked me back at the beginning of school if when homecoming came we could make mums. She had done a simple one last year at her mom's and wanted to do it again. I am happy to do anything within reason that will get her into her new school's spirit.

But to do this task I called on my mom. She made one for me when I was around Haylee's age and I loved it! I have it some where but in all the packing of growing up I don't know where it is to have shown it to her. She came over Sunday night and made Haylee's and will come over tonight to make Holly's.

Here is her fabulous work and proof of why I like to make things.

(This was made completely from scratch. Nothing bought pre made.)

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