Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life takes over sometimes

I mentioned before my birthday is coming up. Technically it is a week from tomorrow...AH! How fast this year has gone! It's a big birthday for me, my 30th. I had made some plans I was really looking forward to, but in the past couple weeks things have happened to cause these plans to not be able to go through. I had been battling canceling my plans for a week now. My fabulous parents stepped in to help make sure it all happened, but then more things happened and I decided I just didn't feel right to continue with my plans when so many other things needed caring for. I am disappointed but relieved at the same time. I know that if I continued with them I wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much as would have liked. I would have felt very guilty. It's not always fun, but it's life. Needs come before wants. I know this also is a good example for the girls. Everyone faces this problem, but now days many people don't make the right choice. I want the girls to learn to be some of the ones that do. Wow, I really am getting older. I am proud of myself and will fulfill these wishes when things are in a better order.
The main disappointment is it was motivation to get a lot of things done before my birthday. I hope I can stay motivated to still get them done.
On a different note. I have got to get to work! At a job and with my sewing machine. The dogs are in desperate need of new beds. And a dear friend is expecting her first baby Christmas day. A boy! Her shower is Halloween day (how fun is that?!). So I have got to get to work on baby gifts, my favorite!
So on that note, need to get off here and get to work.

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