Thursday, November 10, 2011

I AM IN NY!!!! Day One

My most wonderful Charisse and her wife Jennifer gave me a wonderful birthday gift of flying me out to visit them in New York for 5 days!  I arrived today and they have many wonderful things planned for my short trip that I am SO VERY excited about.
Today I left DFW at 5:50am Central time and arrived in Ithaca, NY a little after 11am Eastern time.  They took me to a wonderful local shop for lunch, Ithaca Bakery. Around the town and to the grocery store Charisse is always telling me about.  I found some tea my oldest has been wanting forever.  We are now home about to eat dinner and head to bed early so we can get up super early to head out to NYC.  Probably won't be back till super late so will give day two and three together. 
Off to enjoy my vacation and my wonderful friends!

Monday, October 24, 2011

32 and Crafty again!

Yesterday I turned 32 and I feel very spoiled!  I had a relaxing no frills weekend but enjoyed it all the same.  Got to go spend time with the hubby's family and had dinner last night with mine.  Even had a nice waiter who asked to see my id when I ordered a strawberry margarita.  I enjoyed an entire week of birthday treats though thanks to the few places I enjoy and have signed up with through the internet.  Still have a couple more to redeem.
My big birthday gift is my best friend Charisse and her family are flying me out to New York to visit them for 4 days.  I am soooooooooo excited!!  My wonderful hubby and fabulous friends are all doing things to get me ready for the trip.
Other good news is I am finding time to get chores done, watch t.v, read and craft again!!  I finally am getting hold of my time and using it wisely.  Work is falling into a schedule which really helps.  I just hope it stays this way.  Right now I have a stack of baby gifts almost finished for a coworker who is due to have her first child, a boy, in December.  I then am going to make a case for my netbook for the flight, I also have some legwarmer in work on my kniffty knitters.  One of my birthday gifts from my parents was a neat little instruction kit to teach you how to knit with special made crochet hooks.  I looking forward to trying that soon.
So far leading up to and no being 32 has been so much better than I could have imagined!

Friday, August 5, 2011


That is the word used so much around here lately.  I can't get on Facebook without seeing a post of someone complaining and/or posting a pic from their phone or car temp gauge that shows what temp.  But I think we all have the right to complain.  We have had triple digits since JUNE!  That is definitely not the norm and for the past couple weeks we are having highs of 11_! 
We got a little break a couple weeks ago by going to the coast.  And amazingly driving south turned out to be about 20 degrees cooler!  Lots of humidity to still make it hot, but we were able to spend 4 1/2 days soaking up the sun.  I got through one and 1/3 books which was just pure bliss and a lot of time in the water.  Wore my swim suit the whole time so little laundry to do when we came home.  Which was great because since then I have been working mostly 10 and 9 hour days with a rare day off.  And on those days off I have had to care for the family and do chores.  Rough working those long days but thankful to be in the a/c the whole time!
The kids get registered for school this next week so only 2 weeks and 3 days of summer vacation left.  It has gone even faster this year!
We did get my laundry room painted.  Little tip: DON'T purchase Behr premium plus paint with primer.  It does not stick to the wall!  Took an entire (and almost more if the hubby hadn't been so great) gallon of paint.  I also got a lot cleaned out and donated to good will.  I have also unearthed my sewing machine finally so with the kids return to school will also be the return of my sewing.  I am behind on gifts for a couple babies that are already here, but thankfully the gifts I like to make are enjoyed at a few months old.
Ok time to rest and cool down.  Another 10 hour work day tomorrow!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Slowly Ticking Off

Slowly....I am getting some of my summer to do list actually checked off.  Finally!
  • I have been cooking me and Larry some healthier meals.
  • I cleaned out my closet the clothes are all put away and the junk is out (It is all in Holly's bedroom waiting to be gone through but the first step is done)
  • I cleaned out the laundry room of all it's junk (it is now in the dinning room waiting to be gone through but again the first step is done) I just need Larry to move the desk out so I can then go get my paint and get started on that portion of the job.
  • I have finished 2 books already this summer and am almost finished with my 3.  Finally making progress with my reading.  Especially needed since I keep getting more books I want to read on my nook and at HPB.
  • Today was day one of my serious push to get daily work outs in.  I have been trying this for a couple weeks, but I just feel much different about all of it this time.  Maybe because I am trying to tighten up on our budget and this is a cheap bill we pay that gets me out of the house and doing something that doesn't cost me extra....well hopefully it will with the need for new clothes, but I can happily handle the thought of that expense. 
I also am trying to workout and read more to help with a little depression I am battling lately.  I have always been a person who likes to be with her friends.  But with the rise of summer bills and such high priced gas along with not living close to most of my friends, it makes it difficult for most of them to be able to hang out.  The hubby's friends don't have as many problems with this so I am feeling a little abandoned lately. Hubby is doing all he can to help with this, but a girl still needs those outside of family.
Ok, enough being down.  Actually feeling pretty good.  Going to go jump in the shower and get to work also got the girls back from their mom's for the week so a few activities with them and getting a plan on baby gifts for our cousins' coming little boy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too Fast

I am happy to report that Paco is doing well.  His tail has healed over with no infection and is already beginning to regrow!
And after all that, I am crazy enough to add two more members to our zoo.  Meet Delilah and Pebbles.  D is at the top and P on the bottom. Here they are in their favorite spot.  The drawer in the coffee table.  They crawl in from underneath when the drawer is closed and hide out for naps.  They are 2 of the 3 kittens that my mother-in-law's cat had.  After a fabulous school year for Haylee we decided she could finally have her own pet.  When we went to pick up her kitten, I fell for the other little girl and had to have my own. 
The girls last day of school was suppose to be this last Friday.  Unfortunately the state has not returned the scores for their state tests so unless the scores come in tonight and we get a phone call the entire school is participating in Flex days and going to school tomorrow morning...ugh!  But no matter what day ends up being the last day of school, I will have a high schooler and junior high schooler this next year!  AAAHHHHH!  They grew waaaaay too fast!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heart Broken

I try not to put downer posts on here too often.  I like to keep this my fun space.  But I am so sad right now and just really need to share this.
Almost two years ago we got a pet iguana named Dizel.  We worked hard to care for him and enjoyed him.  Larry even built an awesome cage for him that I posted about here.  Unfortunately he got sick the beginning of this year.  We took him to the vet and found out despite all our good intentions we didn't know quite enough and he was smaller than he should be and hadn't gotten all the nutrients he needed.  We set up a schedule to start on weekly shots.  But just a couple days after that visit he passed away.  We had started making the changes the vet told us to, but think they were wrong on some so we lost our buddy.  You can figure that turned us off from the vet.
A month later we got a new iguana named Paco.  We have done better with his cage and made changes that were better suited than the vets.  We also did a much better job with his diet and he is growing like crazy.
We have had to up his feeding to twice a day.  He will come to the window and stare at you to feed him and if you don't pay attention to that he will climb his long and jump down over and over till you get annoyed with the noise and feed him.  He was doing this on Tuesday afternoon so I had fixed him some berries.  He was running to greet me and get his treat so I decided to try and pick him up.  Normally he will just run from me.  This time he jumped over my hand causing him to jump out the cage.  My cat hearing this ran over.  So I was trying to get a hold of Paco and trying to yell at my cat to get back.  I got a hold of him but he moved right when I went for his back and I got a hold of his tail.  So he let it go.  So now my fabulously growing iguana with the over foot long tail only has a 2 inch tail.  Holly got home shortly after all this and was able to help me catch him.  I had gotten all the other animals locked out of the house.
He is ok we just have to keep his cage clean and keep neosporin on him to keep him from getting an infection.  Being so young he will be able to grow back his tail but it will take a year.  And now his body will focus on growing that so he won't get real big.
I am so worried over him getting sick and feel horrible since I had just been admiring how big he was getting the day before.  His tail gave him balance so he is having to learn to climb again.
Many say he is just a lizard, but he is a pet and I am attached to my pets.  So please say a little prayer that his tail heals without getting an infection.  And please pray for me to help me to forgive myself.  I am really bad at beating myself up over things.  I know this was just an accident and I was only trying to do what I thought I should, but I keep doing the "if I only had...."
On the good side he is telling me right now that he is hungry so I will go now and fix him a plate of greens and berries.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tag Rag Returns!

Here is my best friend Lori's son Lucas enjoying my tag rags I made him back in 2009.

And here is little brother Austin enjoying them in 2011.

Definitely one of my best enjoyed gifts.  And one of the easiest.  Guess I better get some more made for a few more babies that are on the way, 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the world keeps going!

There just is never enough time.  I am constantly trying to catch up here and there.  I just can't seem to get back into a grove of things since my test.  Of course right after the test was getting ready for Clint's wedding out in El Paso.  It went wonderfully and we had so much fun spending a couple days vacationing too.  I will get a good post with pictures soon.  Right now I am trying to not over do it.  I got real sick last Friday and just turned into a completely horrible and miserable person.  I was so bad work even noticed and I usually hold in my grouchiness there.  I woke up feeling so much better Tuesday that I wanted to tackle everything that needed to get done when I got off work.  I am proud to say I listened to my body though and rested when I felt it telling me no you are not fully well yet.  Poor Larry is now sick and is miserable.
So obviously I am behind on a lot right now.  One thing I am catching up on though is finally getting up to date on my yearly brain exams.  I am going in tomorrow for my MRI and then to see the doc next week to find out how all is continuing to heal.  I am only a year and a half late with this.  How about lets change it to being almost 4 months early for this year's exam. So I really should get my laundry out and myself in bed to get ready for 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital and then an hour in the tube tomorrow.  Just got inspired by my besty's blog to get in and get an update put in.
Oh almost forgot!  I did finally get to spend time with my sewing machine again.  Just made super simple new beds for the dogs, but boy did it feel good to get some creating done.  So many babies on the way so I am looking forward to getting to work on baby gifts real soon.  Especially since I get to finally work with some pink along with all my blue!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big Day!

So much to fill you in on such as passing my big test on the first try and kids getting older, but today is not the day to do it.  IT IS MY BIG BROTHER'S WEDDING DAY!  I will obviously have pictures coming soon.  Have a wonderful day all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Wonderful Gift!

Here we are having ANOTHER snow day in North Texas.  The girls have now been out for 5 of the last 7 school days! This is a record!  I have not seen this many snow days for North Texas kids since I started school!  I think at the most we had 3 and I don't remember that many even.
I tried to go last night to get some items from the store...BIG MISTAKE!  Worse than Christmas Eve!  I left and decided that with the Jeep I could handle the roads in the morning and get what I needed then.  The condition of the roads would decide how much I got.  Well they weren't bad at all (for me anyway) so I went ahead and did major grocery shopping.  They had pretty much everything I needed after restocking from last night, and I enjoyed almost no one there.
Got the girls and I lunch.  Just simple stuff to fix.  Holly ate what I had and Haylee made herself the pasta I picked up for her that she likes.  They were both enjoying being lazy so I had lunch long before them and went on to do my chores.  After I heard Haylee finish her cooking and eating I noticed the water running a lot in the kitchen.
When I went to put in another load of laundry I found this:
After finishing her lunch she put away her leftovers then hand washed and dried her dishes.  She left them out so they could do a little more air drying before they get put away since I am a stickler for the dishes being dry before they are put away.  What a wonderful treat!!!!!  That warmed me right up!  So proud of my maturing baby!
I also enjoy my shoe choices on these snowy days.
Stick with my house shoes in the house and my snow boots when heading outside.  The boots came from Academy back when we were getting ready to go to Colorado for Christmas in 2008.  They have been one of the best investments ever.  And surprisingly fairly comfortable.  And who doesn't love a day in their house shoes?
But you can't forget a little color and it doesn't hurt when they help with keeping you warm.  Can't believe I didn't think to wear my knee high socks under my skinny jeans till almost the end of the snow days last week.
Hope everyone else is getting wonderful surprises and finding your own enjoyable way to stay warm!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scott Farkus

This is Rosco.
He has been on here before. Obviously he has grown.  I zoomed in a lot so you can't see he is actually a smaller cat.  Or maybe my other cat, Matty, is that huge, but no I really think he is just a smaller one.  Flash was closer to Matty's size. 
Anyway, my mom thinks we named him wrong.  She says he should be named Scott Farkus due to his YELLOW EYES!  Hehe!  That thought came to mind on this 3rd icy day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Days

So we are coming to the close of day two of no school due to the weather and already have word that there is no school tomorrow either. 
I went into work as normal yesterday since I had a short day.  Figured the girls could sleep the morning away and handle a little time alone even though they had a blow up fight the night before.  And they did fabulously.  But I was in no way leaving them for a 9 1/2 hour work day.  So since Hubby had been forced to even spend the night at work for the past 2 nights (he is on call so he would have to go in if there were any major problems and it is just too dangerous to drive that far that much, and let's not count gas prices) I had to call in to work for today.  Thankfully that is a rare occurrence for me and I was able to call and inform her at 6 the night before so the boss wasn't overly upset.  We were also fairly dead yesterday and with the rolling blackouts today I doubt they had hardly any customers!
So with all this time off perfect time to study, right?  Right.  But that I have not done.  Still time to do some tonight though and thankfully I am scheduled off tomorrow so I can get a bunch done then.  I just have to really force myself.  So lots of crafting right? Nope to that too.  I know. I started clearing things out from the floor redo!  Nope.  I was lazy is what I was.  I did get a little baking done and I did make me a pumpkin coffee again.
I also did do this:
Built my very first fire!!  With help from my mom telling me what to use.  I did it all!  It may be pathetic being 31 years old and this being my first time, but I don't mind and am proud.  I started it a little before 11am right as we had our second round of the rolling blackouts (and we got lucky and only had 2 in our house) and it is still going now at 8pm.  I just took this picture actually.
Well hubby has finally come home so I am going to eat and study a little so I can snuggle with him since it is getting close to time to let the fire die out for the night.
Hope everyone else is staying warm and safe!

Monday, January 31, 2011

I wish....

Yesterday the youngest rode with hubby to take his parents home, so after some Internet surfing and recovering from my poor choice of breakfast I got the older one up to head out.  She had a gift card to spend from my brother and we both needed to pick up food for pets.  I didn't realize till we got to the mall she also had the plans to do some dress shopping for her up coming Vday dance.  I am not one who can normally handle a almost 4 hours at the mall, but I ended up enjoying it.  Even though many of her friends were there too, she choose to stay with me and get my opinion on dresses.  Which was quite nice.  I think I made a bit of a good impact on that and teaching her dresses are not a skin tight thing and are more flattering when they fit nicely.  She is a great height for her age and has a fabulous figure.  I'm glad she appreciates it, but I just want her to find the proper balance. 
Now for the I wish.  As I was helping her find the dresses she liked, I found so many that I liked for me.  Definitely a different taste from Haylee's so I knew not to get her to try them on.  So I was wishing...I wish to be 17 again.  To have the parties and dances that you need a fancy dress for.  To have that body back with just a couple features from today.  I want the slenderness I had that took no work.  That allowed me to eat anything and everything (much like Haylee does now)  But I would like to add to it what I have gained upstairs with age...hehe.  Then it hit me to some extent I can have it.  I just got to get back to my work out routine.  I have done so much better with my eating excluding times here and there like this last weekend.  And was doing good with working out, but with winter in that is my downfall.  But with a big event I get to dress up for here in a little over a month, and the want of some of those pretty dresses and cute spring clothes that are starting to show up, I am going to make some of those wishes a reality.  I won't get to eat whatever I want back, but I will get that then slender back with now's upstairs...hehe. 
Of course right when I make the determination to get back on that full speed wagon is when the super cold weather is headed in....oh well I will figure out how to get around it.  I want it that much this time.  And when the will power starts to fade I only need to take my oldest to the mall to look at dresses again. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My FIL is Awesome!

Almost 2 weeks ago the hubby's parents came into town.  We have been planning to replace the carpet throughout the bed rooms and the hallway to them.  My FIL and BIL both do floor work so FIL came in to lay the floor for us.  The day after they arrived he began to work on the hallway.  We had pulled up the carpet there a long time ago because I couldn't handle the smell anymore.  The previous owners' dog had peed all on it and it was attracting my old dog to do the same.  And no matter how much I scrubbed the smell was there.  And each time it rained the smell was infuriating.  The hubby pulled it out one day because it was making my mood so horrific...THANK YOU SWEETIE!  Well I went to do grocery shopping to get out of his way.  And upon my return about 2 hours later, the hall was almost complete!  The girls bedrooms followed within the next couple days.  On Sat him and hubby began our bedroom.  We were just a little short of what we needed so only half of the bedroom got done till Tuesday since we had to wait till Monday so hubby  could get the rest we needed.
It is complete now and looks fabulous.  Hubby has a couple things to do to finish it completely such as put those little seam things in from where the wood meets the tile in the rest of the house and the carpet we left in the bedroom closets.
I am so very thrilled though.  It looks awesome!!  Before and after pictures coming soon.  We are painting our bedroom soon so I will wait for that.  I am also using this as inspiration to get rid of tons of stuff we don't need.  We have way too much junk that just makes for more than needed work.
I also am thrilled with the cleaning of the new floors.  I knew it would come in handy with pets, but no idea how soon.  The night right after the floors were done my poor older dog got super sick.  I woke up to her getting sick and once got the light on discover the poor thing (and sorry for this) had it coming out both ends.  And at 4 in the morning when you are so very very tired after what was the beginning of a 2nd super duper rough week of work and worried about your poor old dog, scrubbing carpet is not what you want to do.  I loved that is just took some paper towels a  couple sprays of cleaner and a few wipes and it was clean!  I am also happy to report she was doing well by the time I went in to work.  Definitely dehydrated and drinking lots of water but gave me a few happy tail wags.  I am also so thankful my MIL loves her and was there to keep an eye on her while I was at work...looks like it was a quick doggy stomach bug.
More from the past couple of weeks, but I will make that another day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where's your corner?

Last night when cleaning out my room, I started with (and due to my laziness *sheepish grin* still need finish) my sewing area.  I started rolling out my rolling drawers and bagging up my fabric.  I moved them to the spot in front of the living room window. The hubby looked and thought that might actually be a nice spot for me to make my sewing spot. 
With the way the living room is arranged it doesn't feel like it is in the middle of the living room area.  I am back and forth with the idea.  It would be nice not to be in the bedroom where it would disturb my husband when I have the itch to sew late.  Not due to the noise, but the light.  But in the living room I couldn't escape to be on my own working when the others are watching TV or when the kids have company over and are playing the Wii.  I also couldn't just close a door on my mess when someone drops by.
I guess that basically talks me out of the location even if it had started to grow on me.  My question is where do you have your corner set up if you don't have an extra room in the house to make your own?  I know there are books and websites for making home offices in little spots, but are there any for sewing corners?  Help please.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Changes

I am in the middle of clearing out my bedroom so this weekend my hubby and FIL can put in new floors in the hallway and bedrooms.  I am going to miss the cush of carpet on my oh so tired feet after work, but am looking forward to the look and easy clean up!  No more scrubbing carpet to never have it truly cleaned.
With changes around the house and changes for me with work ( I am FINALLY scheduled to take my test next month) I had the itch to make some changes on here.  We'll see if I stick with these changes or make more again soon.
For now back to my cranberry-grape juice and clearing out the room before I study.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting the internet back means...

lots of unproductive time. We had a bundle package with our TV, phone, and Internet and the price was just creeping up to out of control. So we decided it was time to let it go and shop around. Well shopping took longer than we planned. For now the solution is digital cable so we could have wifi for all our various gadgets. We are going to for now hook up the digital antenna receiver and use netflix on our various game consoles for our TV watching. We may later find a cable company if we can find one with a price we like. And our cell phone plan changed some time ago leaving us with plenty of talk time so we have decided to do without a home phone. All of this is leaving a much needed decrease in our monthly bills. I do miss some of my shows, but not as much as I appreciate having that extra money. Especially with gas and grocery prices creeping up again.

But so the return of some TV and my computer use the night before my day off has left me only getting a little done here and there today. Oh well, like everyone says it will all be there tomorrow so have a little me time today.

So in November we went to my Aunt Minnie's in OK for Thanksgiving. We went with my parents and my brother's family. It was nice to have our first holiday with all of us and all our kids.

In December we celebrated the arrival of my friend Lori's second little boy. Thought he was going to come too early a few times but after a couple of scares he calmed down and waited a proper amount of time arriving 2 weeks before his due date (but her babies grow fast so she usually needs to deliver early.

We also celebrated the life of Lori's mom, Ann. After 9 years of battling breast cancer, her fight was finished on December 29. She was an amazing woman who did so much in her 69 years. I had been close to her for over 23 so it was a rough loss for me too. She a strong and loyal child of God and I know I will see her again in all her glory. Love you "Mom"!

That is a short summery of the past couple of months. Most of it was just spent staying busy with the usual stuff. No good projects done. Those will be starting soon though because I have lots to work on for Austin.

Time to get off here though. Got to get cleaning done and dinner made and I have finally scheduled my certification test for the end of February so I better get to studying too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!!! SO EXCITED! I know there is no way to catch up on 2 months of blog reading, but hopefully I can get time tomorrow to get all of you (if there is any of you left) caught up on most of the last two months for me.
It's late but I had to post of my return! :D