Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting the internet back means...

lots of unproductive time. We had a bundle package with our TV, phone, and Internet and the price was just creeping up to out of control. So we decided it was time to let it go and shop around. Well shopping took longer than we planned. For now the solution is digital cable so we could have wifi for all our various gadgets. We are going to for now hook up the digital antenna receiver and use netflix on our various game consoles for our TV watching. We may later find a cable company if we can find one with a price we like. And our cell phone plan changed some time ago leaving us with plenty of talk time so we have decided to do without a home phone. All of this is leaving a much needed decrease in our monthly bills. I do miss some of my shows, but not as much as I appreciate having that extra money. Especially with gas and grocery prices creeping up again.

But so the return of some TV and my computer use the night before my day off has left me only getting a little done here and there today. Oh well, like everyone says it will all be there tomorrow so have a little me time today.

So in November we went to my Aunt Minnie's in OK for Thanksgiving. We went with my parents and my brother's family. It was nice to have our first holiday with all of us and all our kids.

In December we celebrated the arrival of my friend Lori's second little boy. Thought he was going to come too early a few times but after a couple of scares he calmed down and waited a proper amount of time arriving 2 weeks before his due date (but her babies grow fast so she usually needs to deliver early.

We also celebrated the life of Lori's mom, Ann. After 9 years of battling breast cancer, her fight was finished on December 29. She was an amazing woman who did so much in her 69 years. I had been close to her for over 23 so it was a rough loss for me too. She a strong and loyal child of God and I know I will see her again in all her glory. Love you "Mom"!

That is a short summery of the past couple of months. Most of it was just spent staying busy with the usual stuff. No good projects done. Those will be starting soon though because I have lots to work on for Austin.

Time to get off here though. Got to get cleaning done and dinner made and I have finally scheduled my certification test for the end of February so I better get to studying too.


Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

you can watch your shows online! We were without a house for a month and thankfully I was able to watch my shows online via the network website or other sources. Its quite nice. I am so glad little mister is happy and healthy. I am thrilled that Ann is finally at peace and will be waiting for all the rest of you. Blessings my dear

Christy Lynn said...

Wow, I had no idea about Lori's mom. Did she get to meet her grandson before she passed? Please pass along my congratulations and condolences to Lori and her family.

Charisse said...

I am glad you are back blogging. I have said it before, but I have missed your online presence.

Toby E. said...

Christy, she did get to meet him and hold and love him. I did not see the pictures, but my mom did and she said Ann's smile said it all.