Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Changes

I am in the middle of clearing out my bedroom so this weekend my hubby and FIL can put in new floors in the hallway and bedrooms.  I am going to miss the cush of carpet on my oh so tired feet after work, but am looking forward to the look and easy clean up!  No more scrubbing carpet to never have it truly cleaned.
With changes around the house and changes for me with work ( I am FINALLY scheduled to take my test next month) I had the itch to make some changes on here.  We'll see if I stick with these changes or make more again soon.
For now back to my cranberry-grape juice and clearing out the room before I study.

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NomNom said...

I like this look too. I am still undecided about my blog look. I love NomNoms by C, but Oates to Sow has me irritated a bit sometimes. I love the look of it, but its functionality is kind of lacking. AND - while I like the colors - I want different colors. ACK!!!

I definitely like the title here. It's very fitting.