Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where's your corner?

Last night when cleaning out my room, I started with (and due to my laziness *sheepish grin* still need finish) my sewing area.  I started rolling out my rolling drawers and bagging up my fabric.  I moved them to the spot in front of the living room window. The hubby looked and thought that might actually be a nice spot for me to make my sewing spot. 
With the way the living room is arranged it doesn't feel like it is in the middle of the living room area.  I am back and forth with the idea.  It would be nice not to be in the bedroom where it would disturb my husband when I have the itch to sew late.  Not due to the noise, but the light.  But in the living room I couldn't escape to be on my own working when the others are watching TV or when the kids have company over and are playing the Wii.  I also couldn't just close a door on my mess when someone drops by.
I guess that basically talks me out of the location even if it had started to grow on me.  My question is where do you have your corner set up if you don't have an extra room in the house to make your own?  I know there are books and websites for making home offices in little spots, but are there any for sewing corners?  Help please.

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NomNom said...

I don't have a sewing corner. I don't particularly enjoy sewing, though. What I do have is a corner in my massive bedroom that has my GG's recliner in it. And a blue table. And a small light. :)