Monday, January 31, 2011

I wish....

Yesterday the youngest rode with hubby to take his parents home, so after some Internet surfing and recovering from my poor choice of breakfast I got the older one up to head out.  She had a gift card to spend from my brother and we both needed to pick up food for pets.  I didn't realize till we got to the mall she also had the plans to do some dress shopping for her up coming Vday dance.  I am not one who can normally handle a almost 4 hours at the mall, but I ended up enjoying it.  Even though many of her friends were there too, she choose to stay with me and get my opinion on dresses.  Which was quite nice.  I think I made a bit of a good impact on that and teaching her dresses are not a skin tight thing and are more flattering when they fit nicely.  She is a great height for her age and has a fabulous figure.  I'm glad she appreciates it, but I just want her to find the proper balance. 
Now for the I wish.  As I was helping her find the dresses she liked, I found so many that I liked for me.  Definitely a different taste from Haylee's so I knew not to get her to try them on.  So I was wishing...I wish to be 17 again.  To have the parties and dances that you need a fancy dress for.  To have that body back with just a couple features from today.  I want the slenderness I had that took no work.  That allowed me to eat anything and everything (much like Haylee does now)  But I would like to add to it what I have gained upstairs with age...hehe.  Then it hit me to some extent I can have it.  I just got to get back to my work out routine.  I have done so much better with my eating excluding times here and there like this last weekend.  And was doing good with working out, but with winter in that is my downfall.  But with a big event I get to dress up for here in a little over a month, and the want of some of those pretty dresses and cute spring clothes that are starting to show up, I am going to make some of those wishes a reality.  I won't get to eat whatever I want back, but I will get that then slender back with now's upstairs...hehe. 
Of course right when I make the determination to get back on that full speed wagon is when the super cold weather is headed in....oh well I will figure out how to get around it.  I want it that much this time.  And when the will power starts to fade I only need to take my oldest to the mall to look at dresses again. 

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Charisse said...

GOOOD JOB!!! I know you can do it.