Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Days

So we are coming to the close of day two of no school due to the weather and already have word that there is no school tomorrow either. 
I went into work as normal yesterday since I had a short day.  Figured the girls could sleep the morning away and handle a little time alone even though they had a blow up fight the night before.  And they did fabulously.  But I was in no way leaving them for a 9 1/2 hour work day.  So since Hubby had been forced to even spend the night at work for the past 2 nights (he is on call so he would have to go in if there were any major problems and it is just too dangerous to drive that far that much, and let's not count gas prices) I had to call in to work for today.  Thankfully that is a rare occurrence for me and I was able to call and inform her at 6 the night before so the boss wasn't overly upset.  We were also fairly dead yesterday and with the rolling blackouts today I doubt they had hardly any customers!
So with all this time off perfect time to study, right?  Right.  But that I have not done.  Still time to do some tonight though and thankfully I am scheduled off tomorrow so I can get a bunch done then.  I just have to really force myself.  So lots of crafting right? Nope to that too.  I know. I started clearing things out from the floor redo!  Nope.  I was lazy is what I was.  I did get a little baking done and I did make me a pumpkin coffee again.
I also did do this:
Built my very first fire!!  With help from my mom telling me what to use.  I did it all!  It may be pathetic being 31 years old and this being my first time, but I don't mind and am proud.  I started it a little before 11am right as we had our second round of the rolling blackouts (and we got lucky and only had 2 in our house) and it is still going now at 8pm.  I just took this picture actually.
Well hubby has finally come home so I am going to eat and study a little so I can snuggle with him since it is getting close to time to let the fire die out for the night.
Hope everyone else is staying warm and safe!


muhammadrazzaq said...
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Suicide said...

I am so proud of your fire. When I saw your FB status and someone mentioned the flue - it just sent me right back to when we were in middle school and the big fireplace puppy rain fiasco!!!