Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So ready for the return

of the hubby. I knew from his hunting trips lately, where I've stayed home, that I definitely sleep better when he is here. But I don't think he's ever been gone for 5 nights straight. So that's five nights where I am not able to fall into a deep sleep and actually get some rest. I stay a lot more alert listening for things that could be wrong. It has been mentioned in front of my parents that I do complain if I have to sleep without the hubby. My dad has confessed I get this from him. He is the same way if my mom isn't in bed when he wants to go to sleep. So how in the world did I survive 23 years in my little twin bed? Maybe I should revert to my childhood ways when he's gone and fill my bed with stuffed animals? he he I do arrange the pillows to where they take up space beside me.
So after night one of rough sleep I wimped out and slept an hour later deciding when the alarm when off I would just drive Holly in.
After night two I got her up in time and on the bus. Then came in and went back to bed. I wasted the morning, and ended up vegging most of the day only doing small chores here and there. So no good project progress.
I had to have a better morning this time because I am headed about 60 miles to go look at a car at a dealership we have been talking to (I think I failed to mention that the van was declared totaled). I am not looking forward to doing this without Larry. I mainly just have to check and make sure it is in decent shape for us to continue our interest in it. I refuse to test drive anything (especially with 4x4), so Larry will do that when he returns as long as I approve of everything else. So again no good project progress today.
So in preparation for a better night I had a nice long bubble bath to relax, and planned to go to bed earlier. The earlier didn't happen, but I do feel much better this morning.
OK, enough rambling...on with the day.


Dustythemomhaskins said...

I totally understand you not sleeping well without your hubby. I am exactly the same way. Ryan is gone sometimes up to 3 weeks and in some cases has been known to be gone for months. Those seem like the longest days ever. I to go into protective mode. Listening for any little thing to go wrong. Hang in there you are almost done.

Worm's Woman said...

They always say not to complain because someone has it worse than you, and that saying is what I often live by...and you proved it again!! You're one tough cookie to go that long like this! Thank you for the support it so helps when you know someone truely understands how you feel! So be expecting even more prayers headed your way than I sent before when Ryan is out of town.

charisse said...

Its me charisse....posting from my phone....

Hey hunny. He will be home soon. And then you can get ur freak on and ur sleep on. :) And hopefully, once he is home, you will get some good quality time because you hould be both feeling better and hopefully over the nastiness you had.

Sorry about the drama with the van and such. Lemme know how it goes.