Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Need Advice!

So I'm really wanting/needing to get a job. And I need some help figuring out what to do. I'm really not comfortable leaving my daughter home alone yet, so I would prefer a job that I can work from home with or one that will work with her school schedule.
I cringe at the idea of going into sales, such as Mary Kay, Papered Chef, and so on. I just am not good at trying to convince someone they should buy something from me. I love to buy the stuff myself, but am not the kind of person who can attract people and get them to make a purchase from me.
I have done child care and I know I can easily get back into it with my experience, but I'm keeping that as a last resort. I feel that fewer and fewer centers are in it to take care of children as much as they are to get money. I also end up burning up all my patience on other peoples' children leaving me little to none for my own family...very unfair.
I have also done substituting, but due to keeping boundaries, I prefer not to sub in my children's school district. This limits the age I can teach to high schoolers. And being in these large districts I've discovered that I don't care for teaching the older kids unless I can get a fine arts class. The vulgarity and disrespect I get is more than I can handle. School districts are too scared to be sued for anything and everything anymore that the kids get away with pretty much anything. (I miss subing in the country school in East TX. I loved going there).
So that's where I stand. Anyone have any suggestions? I could really use the help!!

*Dusty gave me a fabulous idea, but it reminded me of some limitations I forgot to mention. Due to the tumor I had, I now have some balance issues. I often stumble. I can usually keep myself from falling, but it does leave problems of spilling. I'm no where near as bad as I use to be, but when allergies flare so does this problem. Also, a side effect from the removal of the tumor is my left hand will be put in a position when holding/carrying things that causes it to shake uncontrollably. This may better explain my help on ideas. Thank you so much for yours Dusty!!*


Dustythemomhaskins said...

WOW, what if you tried to waitress in the morning/afternoon. They only work 4 hour shifts and usually can bring in good money. With the economy it will be difficult but I think you can find something enjoyable/doable. Good luck!!!

Worm's Woman said...

I've thought of that too, but forgot to mention, I have balance issues due to the surgery, and a side effect from it is my left hand often shakes uncontrollably. Thank you though!

Charisse said...

What about the public library? Or Barnes & Noble? You love those two places and would probably enjoy working there. OR STARBUCKS!!! No serving and you get to be around coffee all day. Have you looked on Craigslist? is where I found my job

Charisse said...

You know....Arlington ISD (or whatever it is called) is not that far from you, so you might want to look into subbing there....