Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night time medicine is truely for night time!

Larry packed up his medicine he had at work ready to bring back home for me to use, but he got a severe migraine. So I went and picked him up about 4, and he forgot to bring it. He told me to take the night time one though and to take it during the day since it was just me at home. So I took a dose last night, hoping it would work. Usually if it says night time, it doesn't mean much different from day time for me. When the alarm startled me awake, I realized I had actually finally slept through the night. I felt a bit out of it for a couple of minutes, but other than that, felt mostly the same since it had been quite a while since I had taken the medicine. So after Holly had gotten on the bus and Larry had left for work (his car was here from me using it before we got the rental, making me not have to drive him in...yea!) I took another dose of medicine and went to watch one of the shows I had recorded from Tuesday. Next thing I know I'm being woken up by my phone ringing at 10! Talked to Larry shortly after I woke up and told him what had happened. He said good! I needed the rest and I should start feeling better soon. I said not good because I had lots to do for getting him ready for his business trip!
So no more of that stuff till bed time for me! Hopefully he'll remember the other today, or I'll go pick some up while I'm getting his prescriptions refilled tomorrow.

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Charisse said...

Well, at least you are feeling a little better, even if it did mean losing a WHOLE morning. But that happens sometimes!!!

By the way...I LOOOOOVE the new family picture. I am going to try to talk Rob into getting a pic done with me and Lorelli. I have a few on my camera - but I want something know. :-)