Tuesday, January 20, 2009


is interesting. Hubby made it home an hour early Friday. Especially fabulous since when I was looking up his info earlier in the day I couldn't find his flight listed. Also good because he was having to do the Home Alone to make it to his flight.
While he was gone, in the evenings he was looking for a new family car for us. With his hunting I was able to pick him up in our new '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition. It was a deal we couldn't pass up. Worth way more than we paid...has so many bells and whistles, and still looks brand new with under 30,000 miles. I miss the extra room the van had for the girls, but this still fits us fabulously and is more my style. I am most proud because the decision was ultimately up to me. I've never done that before. My dad was there to help most of the way, but my mom and I did the initial viewing of it, and I got the official ball rolling on weather or not to purchase, and made the final decisions...woohoo!
Today was inauguration day. I got up early to get ready to go with Larry to work. (It was also appointment day with his Neurologist. But more on that in a bit). So after getting out of the shower, I turned on the news as normal to find out the weather and hear the plan for the big day. I also got to hear a lot of little facts which I greatly enjoy, such as President Obama was to be sworn in on the same Bible used in the swearing in of President Lincoln...so cool!! Had to share this info with Holly and came to learn she hasn't absorbed as much as I had hoped on Lincoln (one of my fav presidents to learn about). She also didn't quite understand the huge importance of this day (I had a hard time deciding on which candidate I felt was best for our country, but knew I would support whoever ended up winning). I really wanted her to soak this day in because I know the day will come when she will hear "Mommy/Grandma, what were you doing/how old were you/what grade were you in when the first African-American became president?" And who knows what else she may be asked depending on what happens in the next 4-8 years. I think I did pretty good because when she got on the bus she was fairly excited about the day. And her first words coming in were to confirm what I thought, that she would get to watch it happen on T.V. in class.
Larry's appointment at the Neurologist went well. She is happy with the results so far with the medicine. She was able to answer a number of new questions we had. And due to some better describing of Larry's migraine symptoms, she wants to do a 48hr EEG on him to check out other possible problems. He will be doing this the first weekend in February. Not much to it. He will just have to stay home all weekend and watch T.V. and rest...oh pooh who wants a good reason to veg?! We are both really pleased with her. She explains things well, listens well, is quick to check everything she thinks should be checked, and is happy to help in all areas needed including making sure work takes Larry seriously when he informs them he has a migraine of has to go to an appointment.
The year is beginning to take a turn for the better, now to just pray that the results of this test are good. Would love to find nothing, but if something is found, for it not to be serious and for it to easily be fixed. We already know from his MRI no tumors (guess one family member with extra in their head is enough...hehe).

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Charisse said...

I am soooo proud of you on the Jeep thing. Especially after everything that has been going on in your crazy world lately.

Just remember...2009...the year Toby comes to Georgia.

I will keep my fingers crossed for Larry on his lazy doctor prescribed EEG weekend.